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Why you must install a backyard trampoline


It is every kid’s dream to hop onto a trampoline and bounce. The feeling of weightlessness whilst in the air is enough to make anyone squeal with delight! Trampolines, such as these at lifespan kids, are best introduced to kids aged six and above. Read on to find out about the benefits of trampolining!

Uses and benefits of a trampoline

Spatial Orientation:

Did you know that trampolines were earlier used to train astronauts? It helps to develop spatial orientation and better control over the body in various positions possible in space. It was observed that trampoline jumping helps to develop balance and body control mid-air. Additionally, it reduces the fear of being upside down and builds self-confidence.


Practice on the trampoline is essential to train for other sports such as diving, freestyle skiing and gymnastics. Your child will be able to perfect the necessary body movements in a shorter duration of time. The trampoline eliminates the hassle of having to climb to the diving board or the top of a ski slope before getting to try the particular move.

Motor Skills:

Studies show that trampoline jumping can aid in hand-eye coordination and muscle control. Subjects showed an improved intercommunication between the two halves of their brain. It was especially effective in improving the functioning of the cerebellum.

Muscle development:

Trampolines help in the effective conditioning of various muscle groups. Jumping especially develops the muscles in the legs. The act of pushing yourself off the taut fabric of the trampoline tenses the muscles in the arms, shoulders and abdomen (agonist group). On the other hand, the deltoids and lower back (antagonistic) muscles get stretched during a bounce and turn.

Stress and anxiety reduction:

Jumping drains the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation. This reduces stress and makes children more grounded and aware. Plenty of anecdotal evidence from parents corroborates that even 15 minutes a day on the trampoline can make a child feel light-hearted and attentive.

Improved Cardiovascular Health:

A study that compared the impact of a trampoline and a treadmill on the human body found that a 10-minute jump session was equivalent to a 30-minute run. The heart rate increased to the same levels in both. So if you are concerned about your own cardiovascular health, it might be a good idea to jump on your child’s trampoline once in a while yourself!

Trampoline safety and hazards

For all the fun they offer, trampoline jumping is a form of exercise and comes with a set of dos and don’ts, like any other exercise. Follow these safety tips to ensure an incidence-free trampoline experience.

Don’t compromise on the safety standards of the equipment:

Robust Springs: Look for zinc-plated springs to increase their longevity. Top suppliers subject them to several rounds of tension test, lifecycle test and rust test to ensure they withstand the onslaught of both repeated use and natural elements.

Nets: Catch nets must be taut and secure. Look for reinforced inside nets that prevent injuries caused by springs. Many suppliers such as lifespan kids also have nets with a zipless entry for heightened security.

Instalment: A majority of trampoline-related accidents happen in homes and not in commercial establishments like gyms and trampoline parks. You can avoid the associated risks by following some correct installation principles. Install your trampoline over an even area. Many parents bury the trampoline to reduce its height above the ground. See if you can construct a padded area surrounding the trampoline. Consult your supplier regarding extra stable designs.

Additionally, follow a “one-child rule”. Never allow more than one child on the trampoline at a time. The two children could collide, and there is a huge risk of double bounce. If your trampoline is accessible by a ladder, remove it to avoid unsupervised access by children.

Head over to your trampoline expert and let your children enjoy the feeling of flying in the safety of their own backyard.

Can a TSS visa lead to permanent residency?


Australia is flourishing with startups and businesses. Many individuals from overseas are looking for employment in the country. The economy of this country is set to thrive in the upcoming years. What’s more, there will be a boom in employment tremendously. In the flourishing country of Australia, there are many work visa options for immigrants and the TSS visa is one of them. The Temporary Work visa (subclass 457) is replaced with the Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) Visa (subclass 482). On April 18th, 2017, the former Prime Minister of Australia and the former Minister for Immigration and Border Protection jointly announced the replacement of the subclass. The Temporary Skilled Shortage visa or subclass 482 allows an employer in Australia to sponsor a skilled employee if they cannot find a highly skilled Australian for the job. Additionally, it is a great visa for those who want to work in the country temporarily. With the help of this visa, you will be able to work for up to 4 years. It also includes travelling to and from the country throughout the duration. Your family members can work and stay along with you as well. Read further to learn about the requirements and eligibility criteria of this visa.

What are the requirements of subclass 482?

Below listed are the certain requirements when it comes to applying for this visa.

  1. Offer of employment: One of the requirements for the subclass 482 visa is the offer of employment. With the offer in hand, you can easily apply for a visa. So, you must ask your employer in Australia to provide you with the offer of employment.
  2. Two years of relevant experience: You must also be an experienced individual to qualify for the visa requirements. At least two years of experience is a must in the relevant field.
  3. Relevant qualification: Your accomplishment should match the role of your job. It means that you must have eligibility. For example, if you have applied for a marketing analyst position, then your qualification can be a master’s degree in marketing.
  4. Must know the English language: English is the common language and the de facto language of Australia. In a nutshell, English is the first language for a majority of Australia’s population. This language is spoken by 72.7 per cent of Australians. Hence, it is crucial to know this language. You must also hold proof of your English language proficiency.
  5. Genuine intention to work: If you are nominated for a particular position by a sponsor, you must have genuine intentions to work with the company.
  6. Meet health and character requirements: You must provide medical certificates within 12 months of application lodgement to meet the health requirements. Additionally, you have to submit the police clearance certificate. For this certificate, you have to meet the character requirements. So, if you have maintained a good record without any substantial criminal accusations, you can definitely attain this certificate.

How to apply for a subclass 482?

There are three steps for the subclass 482 application process. They are standard business sponsorship, nomination and visa application.

  1. Standard business sponsorship: For a business to employ a TSS 482 visa holder and approve it as a Standard Business Sponsor, it must exemplify lawful and active operations in Australia. It includes supplying Business Activity Statements, showing commitment to training Australian citizens, etc.
  2. Nomination: For employers to nominate a position within the business, they must make sure that the labour market testing provisions are met. Additionally, the salary must be within the market norms, and the applicant must be paid in line with the Australian employees.
  3. Visa applications: The nominee must meet the requirements mentioned above for the TSS visa.

Is it possible to gain permanent residency with this visa?

If you have been nominated for a medium and long-term strategic skills list (MLTSSL), you can gain a visa through the 186 visa subclass. Getting selected for permanent residency depends upon the business needs or the ongoing need for a full-time position in the company.

4 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Regularly


Have you ever wondered why celebrities and anchors you see on TV have a shiny set of teeth, and those teeth look pure white and healthy? There is no other reason than their regular visit to their dentists.

Visiting your dentist at least twice a year is not an alien idea to everybody, but how many follow this routine. Ensure that you see the dentist at least twice a year for healthy, clean, and white teeth.

You don’t need to have some dental issues to visit a dentist in Chatswood, and you can pay a visit for a random checkup as well. And if your dentist finds any possible issues during the checkup, they will advise for some procedure. Chatswood is a major business hub on the Lower North Shore of Sydney. The city is a fast-growing residential region of New South Wales, where people love to party and have seafood.

Many cuisines are available in this region, and if you plan to visit this city, you may find many foodies down the streets. But, with a variety of food items comes oral issues.

Early recognition and treatment of oral issues are better than seeking therapy after the problem is gone beyond rectification.

This article will list the reasons you should visit your dentist regularly.

  1. Oral cancer detection

Oral cancer is a rare disease, but you shouldn’t panic as this disease can be cured if detected early. Hence, regular visits to the dentist are necessary. Dentists and doctors can identify the symptoms of early oral cancer and prescribe the medication for it. The early diagnosis of the problem can help the patient treat it immediately and avoid complexities in future.

  1. Plaque, tartar, and cavities

These things when food and other elements get stuck to your teeth and solidify and become plaque. In the end, the plaque becomes tartar which is the most challenging thing to remove from your teeth. These settlements cannot be removed easily by the toothbrush and floss; hence, consulting an experienced dentist is the only solution.

  1. To protect gums

Regular brushing may clean your teeth, but the gums are far from being clean. Rinsing your mouth with water helps clean the gums but not entirely. The colouring (black/brown) of gums cannot be removed by brushing or rinsing, and they are the result of smoking and other issues. Only your dentist can solve these problems with the proper treatment.

  1. Head, neck and lymph node checkup

Doctors check your mouth during any checkup because the mouth is an indicator of many hidden diseases. Oral health also shows the present health issues and the issues you may face in future.

The lymph nodes just below your jawline are the indicator of many diseases. These lymph nodes may not hurt so much initially, but your dentist can recognise the issues and advise medication and treatments.

These are just a few (important) reasons for visiting the dentist regularly. There are many benefits of having a routine checkup on oral health.

Having a regular oral checkup have the following benefits:

  • Preventing future issues
  • Proper dental hygiene
  • Education on dental care
  • No more bad breath
  • Great smile and white teeth
  • Detects systemic health issues
  • Diagnose other health issues
  • Save money in the long run
  • Healthy gums
  • Regular removal of plaque

These are the benefits of visiting your dentist regularly. As people say, ‘there’s no bad time to start a good habit’. So, ensure you make an appointment with a dentist in Chatswood and pay a visit as soon as possible.

Apple cider vinegar and collagen gummies: Can you have both together?


Apple cider vinegar is rapidly gaining popularity in the global markets, especially in Australia.  Similarly, the popularity of collagen is surging immensely too. When it comes to ACV, it tastes bitter, whereas collagen can taste like fish. So, if you want supplements with the taste of candies or lemon, you can obtain them in the form of gummies. There are many online stores that provide apple cider vinegar gummies in Australia. Many of these stores also offer collagen gummies. Surely, you must be wondering about the benefits of both. Also, another question that can arise in your mind is if you can consume them together. Well, read on to learn all about apple cider vinegar and collagen in this article.

Apple cider vinegar and its benefits

Generally, apple cider vinegar or ACV is added to different foods and medicines. But what exactly is apple cider vinegar? ACV is made from crushed apples after the process of fermentation. So, the yeast turns the sugar in the apple juice into alcohol, and bacteria turn the alcohol into acetic acid. Due to the acetic acid, the vinegar gets its strong smell and sour taste. It is used as a home remedy for varicose veins and sore throat. According to a few people, the yeast and bacteria in the ACV make it healthy. Below listed are some benefits of cider vinegar.

  1. It helps achieve your weight loss goals: According to scientists, vinegar can help fight obesity. Studies have shown that it supports weight loss. When you consume it, you feel fuller for a longer time, allowing you to eat fewer calories. It helps in losing weight and reaching your fitness goals. As per a study, when participants consumed vinegar along with a high carb meal, they felt fuller and ate 200 to 275 fewer calories throughout the day. Also, a study with 175 obese participants showed that consumption of apple cider vinegar reduced belly fat and helped achieve weight loss.
  2. It improves the health of your skin: ACV aids in treating skin conditions like eczema and dry skin. Your skin is slightly acidic. So, when you consume cider vinegar, it helps in rebalancing the skin’s natural pH, which improves the skin’s protective barrier.
  3. It can kill harmful bacteria: Vinegar can aid in killing bacteria. Many people have utilised it to clean and disinfect, treat ear infections, lice, warts and nail fungus. Many studies have proved that it inhibits bacteria such as E.coli from spoiling the food.

Collagen and its benefits

Collagen is found abundantly in the body. Your body accounts for about one-third of the composition of this protein. It is the major building block of ligaments, tendons, muscles, skins and bones. It means that it provides structure to most of your body. Collagen is also found in different body parts such as blood vessels, corneas and teeth. Below listed are a few benefits of this protein.

  1. It can improve your skin’s health: Collagen plays a huge role in strengthening your skin. When you age, your body produces low collagen, which leads to the formation of wrinkles. It also causes dry skin. As per a study, women who consumed collagen daily for 12 weeks experienced a considerable reduction in wrinkles and increased skin hydration. Plus, it can help prevent acne and various other skin diseases.
  2. It can prevent bone loss: Your bones are structured due to the collagen in the body. It helps keep the bones strong. When you age, the collagen in your body deteriorates, and so does your bone mass. It can lead to conditions such as osteoporosis. As per various studies, collagen supplements can inhibit bone breakdown and reduce the risk of bone disorders.
  3. It improves the health of the nails and hair: You can prevent the brittleness of your nails by strengthening them with the help of collagen. It promotes the growth of your hair and nails.

Can you consume them together?

It entirely depends upon your needs. To improve your skin health and achieve your weight loss goals, you can purchase apple cider vinegar gummies in Australia. You can buy the supplement since collagen gummies can help improve your skin, hair, and nail health and prevent bone loss. Moreover, you can pick both the supplements and consume them effectively for your overall well-being.

Why Do You Need A Photo Album?


After the arrival of smartphones, photo albums have taken a backseat. A digital image and a printed image are entirely different. Though digital pictures allow easy online sharing and individual editing, they may get buried in countless folders and become impossible to find. You don’t want your memories to fade away; hence printed photos are essential for saving memories. It is a joy to look through photo albums and remember the past moments. Albums make it easier to find specific images in a short time. You can easily buy photo albums online to protect and display your favourite photos.

Importance of printed photos

Photos freeze the time and capture special moments. They allow you to hold on to those moments and relive them again and again. The best way to preserve a photo is to have it in print form. It will remain in good condition for many years, and you can pass it on to future generations too. Printed photos are a good gifting option for your family and friends as well. Surprise them by sharing your preserved moments, and bring a smile to their faces. A printed photo is better and long-lasting than a digital version.

Why are photo albums remarkable?

Brings images to life

A photo album brings old memories to life. You can flip through the album with your loved ones. It gives you a unique feeling which you would not get when you swipe through them on your phone or laptop. Every time you look through it, you relive your memories, and it brings a smile to your face.

Share your memories

Look through an album when you feel nostalgic, and the photos can make you feel good. Each photo will have a story to tell, and albums make it easier to share the stories with your loved ones. A printed photo serves as a visual reference when you narrate old experiences.

Digital images can get lost over time

Technology helps you to have thousands of images on your devices. Sometimes it is a disadvantage because you need to search through many files and folders to find a specific image. Without a good backup, you can lose the files, and you don’t have proof of your beautiful moments.

Types of photo albums

Photo albums come in various types and qualities, and you can choose one that suits your needs. The basic types of photo albums are:

Ring-binder: Ring binder type of albums let you add or rearrange pages as you wish. Inserting or removing pages can be done quickly and at any time you want to change the order. Ring binders are designed to protect and preserve photos for many years. They create long-lasting memories and help you share them with your loved ones.

Memo: Memo albums come in various colours and styles. They have spine-bound pages and slip-in photo pockets. Some even have ruled spaces to write captions for each photo. Write down interesting facts about your special moments and share them years later with your children and grandchildren.

Scrapbook: Scrapbook albums can be ring or glue-bound with a set number of pages. Each page’s layout and design can be different and can be customised to your preferences. You can add handwritten notes to each page that describes the memorable moments.

Sorting through the photos and arranging them in a photo album is a fun activity. You need not worry about finding a perfect album for your photos. It is very easy to buy photo albums online. Choose one to safeguard your precious photos.

What to Do Before a Workout to Maximise Results?


Everyone has a love-hate relationship with exercise. However, you cannot deny that when it’s a part of your life and done correctly, you can indeed receive multiple benefits from it. If you’re setting time aside to work on your physical strength, you obviously want to get the desired results. Many people get confused about the different things they can do to get the most out of their workouts. Indeed, certain things can boost your workout’s effectiveness. You can consider buying the best pre workout powder developed to boost workout performance. You can also have a carbohydrate-rich meal some hours before you hit the gym to remain full of energy.

Are you unsure about what other things you can do to enhance your results? Keep reading to know about effective ways to implement.

Engage in Dynamic Stretching

Many people ignore this critical step before starting their workout. Dynamic stretching warms up the body’s muscles. It thus protects the muscles from becoming too sore after the training, and not engaging in it before the workout can severely hamper the training performance. Making an unprepared body perform intense exercises without sufficiently warming it up will cause stiffness and soreness. So, dynamic stretching before the workout is essential for your safety.

Take a Supplement

Those who are not seasoned gym-goers can find the thought of supplementing before a workout a bit apprehensive. But there is no reason to feel frightened. Time and again, studies have shown that pre-workout supplements boost up energy levels before exercise. If you find yourself feeling lethargic or unmotivated before your exercise session, then consider supplementing before the workout. The best pre workout powder contains essential amino acid blends, which assist in performance and recovery. It is also available in diverse flavours like green apple and strawberry.

Eat Wisely

Eating a big meal right before you hit the gym will not do you any good. You will feel full and will not be able to perform the different movements competently. But that does not mean that you function on an empty stomach. Have a low-fat meal one to two hours before you begin. Food items like Greek yoghurt with a carbohydrate source like beans or sweet potato will help you notice a significantly increased performance.

Sleep Well

Sleep is an essential factor that helps you get the most out of your workout. It impacts the release of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. Brain and bodily functions significantly affect your performance during the session. Moreover, when you are well- rested, you find yourself in a good mood. Thus, you automatically become refreshed to engage in an exercise. Having a relaxed body is crucial for grip strength and enhanced stamina.

Foam Roll

Foam rollers are being increasingly utilised by people to alleviate stress. However, this tool also aids in boosting circulation and triggers the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins. It, in turn, makes the muscles feel much rejuvenated, youthful, and strong. A foam roller is a self-massage tool. It releases myofascial accumulation. It is basically adhesions in the connective tissues and muscles. The best time to roll with foam is right before you begin a workout. It prepares the body for the movements ahead.

It is important not to jump into any intense exercise session before preparing your body for it. To reap the maximum benefits from the hard work you put in at the gym, consider implementing the tips mentioned above. You will certainly notice improved physical energy and find yourself inching closer towards your fitness goals.

How to Install and Download Microsoft Visual C++14.0 Build Tools


Using the tools available in Visual Studio, users can create C and C++ applications from the command line. A standalone version of the Microsoft C++ compiler kit is also available. Users don’t have to install this if somebody doesn’t wish to use Visual Studio IDE.

There are few steps to download Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools. Let’s have a look at the same-

  • All command-line tools are available to anyone who has installed Visual Studio and a C++ workload. See Install C++ support in Visual Studio for details on how to set up C++ and Visual Studio. Download the Build Tools for Visual Studio if the user only wants the command-line toolset. The Visual Studio Installer is updated and started if users run the downloaded executable. Select the Desktop development with C++ workload to install only the tools they will need for C++ development. Under Installation details, users can choose which libraries and toolsets to install.

How to install Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 build tools?

  • Go to Visual Studio Build Tools for MS.
  • Start the installation process by downloading and running the installer.
  • Under the workload tab, choose what the user requires: There are three options under Windows, but only desktop development with C++ is checked.
  • Type pip3 install mistake in cmd.

What are the command-line tools and how do users utilize them?

The Visual Studio platform toolset is installed when the user selects one of the C++ workloads in the Visual Studio Installer. A toolbox contains all C and C++ tools for a particular edition of Visual Studio. The tools are compilers of C and C++, linkers, assemblies, and other build tools as well as matching libraries. On the command line, users can use all of these tools. There are many compilers and tools for developing the x86, x64, ARM, and ARM64 objectives, hosting x86 and x64, and the Visual Studio IDE is also used internally. Each set of tools is kept in a separate directory for a particular host and target design.

The tools require the setting of various essential environment variables to function properly. These variables are used to add the tools to the path, as well as to specify the locations of the included file, library file, and SDK. The installer prepares customized command files, or batch files, during installation to make setting these environment variables easier. People can use one of these command files to specify a certain build architecture, Windows SDK version, and platform toolset for a specific host and target.

Shortcuts for the developer’s command prompt:

The prompt shorts are stored in a version-specific Visual Studio folder in their Windows start menu. The following is a list of the most common command prompt shortcuts, as well as the build architectures they support:

  • Developer Command Prompt- Creates an environment that allows users to build 32-bit, x86-native programs using 32-bit, x86-native tools.
  • x86 Native Tools Command Prompt- Creates an environment that allows users to build 32-bit, x86-native code using 32-bit, x86-native tools.
  • x64 Native Tools Command Prompt- Creates an environment that allows users to build 64-bit, an x64-native program using 64-bit, x64-native tools.
  • x86-x64 Cross Tools Command Prompt- Creates an environment that allows users to generate 64-bit, x86-native code using 32-bit, x86-native tools.
  • x64-x86 Cross Tools Command Prompt- Creates an environment that allows users to build 32-bit, x86-native code using 64-bit, x64-native tools.

Open a prompt window for the developer command:

  • Open the Windows Start menu on the desktop and scroll to discover and open the folder for their Visual Studio version.
  • For the Visual Studio version, select Developer Command Prompt from the folder. This shortcut will start a developer prompt window, which will produce 32-bit, x86-native code using the default architecture. Choose one of the commands of native tools or cross-tool prompts to indicate the host and target architecture for non-default build architecture.

Input the developer command prompt in the desktop search box for an even quicker opening of the developer command prompt.

How can a user fix the issue Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required?

  • Visual Studio 2017 Build Tools are available for download.
  • When users click on Visual C++ build tools, a list of default packages should appear.
  • To install the v140 toolset, go to VC++ 2015.3 v14.00 toolset for desktop.
  • In the environment variable, adds C: Program Files (x86) Windows Kits10bin10.0.17763.0 to the path.

Definition of Precipitation Reaction and its Applications


A reaction is nothing but forming new substances when two or more reactants come into contact with each other. There are many forms of reactions like a combination, precipitation, decomposition reactions etc. A reaction is said to be precipitation if and only if it forms a precipitate in an aqueous solution. It is of two types:- single displacement and double displacement reaction.

These types of reactions have many uses. It is well applicable in the case of water purification and also identifying the presence of a specific element. The precipitation definition itself suggests that the reaction forms a precipitate of insoluble salt when combined with two ionic bonds. In this article, we will explain more about the reaction and its application.

Examples of a precipitation reaction

Silver nitrate and potassium chloride reactions are common examples of this reaction.

AgNO3(aqueous) + KCl(aqueous) → AgCl(precipitate) + KNO3(aqueous)

In this above reaction, silver chloride is precipitated out. Here two ionic aqueous solutions (aq) react to yield a solid product (s).

In terms of ion in the solution, the reaction can be rewritten as,

Ag+ (aq) + NO3(aq) + K+ (aq) + Cl(aq) → AgCl (s) + K+ (aq) + NO3(aq)

Other examples include:

  • 2KOH(aqueous) + CaCl2(aqueous)→ Ca(OH)2(aqueous) + 2KCl(aqueous)
  • AgNO3(aqueous) + NaCl(aqueous)→ AgCl↓ + NaNO3 (aqueous)
  • Mg(OH)2(s) + 2HCl (aqueous) → (aqueous) + 2H2O(l)

Properties of precipitation reaction

  • The reaction occurs in aqueous solutions or medium in an ionic state
  • The product is formed when the reaction take place between ions in the aqueous solution
  • The insoluble salts formed as the end product of the reaction are said to be precipitates
  • These reactions are also known as ionic reactions since the ions actively participate in the reaction and form the product.
  • Precipitation reaction depends on temperature, the concentration of the solution, buffer solution, etc.

Other types of reactions

Apart from the precipitation, there are many other types of reactions.

  • Combination reaction
  • Displacement reaction
  • Decomposition reaction
Types of Chemical Reactions Explanation General Reaction
Combination reaction Two or more compounds combine to form one mixture. A + B → AB
Decomposition reaction A decomposition reaction is a reaction in which the complex molecule breaks down to make simpler ones. AB → A + B
Displacement reaction A chemical reaction in which a more reactive element displaces a less reactive element from its aqueous salt solution. A + Soluble salt B  → Precipitate + soluble salt C


Uses of a precipitation reaction

The first application of this reaction is, it is used to find the presence of a specific element in the given solution. The formation of the precipitate in the precipitation reaction determines it by adding some chemicals to the solution. They are also used in the extraction of magnesium from seawater.

When it comes to daily life, inside our body, the reaction between calcium ions and oxalic acid that are present in food results in calcium oxalate, which is a type of kidney stone. Another example is for the treatment of wastewater, some chemicals are added and thus the pollutants or impurities get precipitated out, which then allowed for the further purification process