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Why Your Housing Choice as a Student Matters

The choice of where to live as a student can significantly impact your college experience. Every semester, thousands of students nationwide decide what type of housing they will be living in for the year. While most schools offer dorms and other types of on-campus housing options, there are many alternatives available to today’s college students – from apartment complexes near campus or off-campus apartments with roommates to renting an entire house with friends. This blog post explores why your housing choice matters and how it affects your overall college experience!

Types of Housing Options for Students

  1. On-Campus Dorms – Near campus apartments/houses with roommates
  2. Off-Campus Apartments – Renting a house or an entire apartment complex alone, with friends or roommates.
  3. At Home with family.

Why Does Your Housing Choice Matters?

Whether you are living in the dorms on campus, renting near campus with roommates, or renting an entire house off-campus alone – there are many reasons why your housing choice can have a significant impact on your college experience.

1. On-Campus Dorms

Students who live in on-campus dorms are more likely to have higher GPAs and graduate from college than those who do not.

2. Near Campus Apartments/Houses with Roommates

Living near campus can help you save time when commuting to and from classes. It can also offer you more flexibility in your schedule, allowing you to take on different study or work opportunities while remaining close to campus.

3. Renting a House/Entire Apartment Complex Off-Campus

Living off-campus offers the opportunity for students to learn how to live independently with little supervision. This experience can teach students essential life skills such as budgeting, cooking, and time management.

4. Off-Campus Apartments

Sometimes it is nice to change the scenery from the dorms or on-campus apartments! Living close to campus can also lead to increased social opportunities with your classmates and peers that aren’t possible when living in the dorms. A perfect place would be Copper Social as it offers many great opportunities for students at an affordable price.

Top 10 Things To Look For In Student Accommodation

1. Pest issues

Make sure to ask the landlord or agent if there have been any pest issues in the past and what measures have been taken to prevent them from happening in the future.

2. Noise levels

You have to ask about noise levels in the building or complex before signing your lease.

3. Neighbors

If you want a quiet living environment, it’s essential to ask about the type of people that live in and near your building. You should know what types of social gatherings or events may take place nearby as well!

4. Cleanliness

Even if you are living with roommates, it’s still important to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone. The unit should be properly cleaned before moving in.

5. Amenities

It’s essential to ask about the amenities included in your rent. Things like a swimming pool, gym, or parking can benefit living off-campus.

6. Utilities

Ask your landlord or agent about which utilities are included in your rent and what you will be responsible for. This can help avoid surprises when the bill comes at the end of the month.

7. Safety and security

It is important to ask what safety features are in place at the building or complex. This includes security cameras, emergency buttons/phones, locked gates, etc. Make sure that you feel safe when living off-campus.

8. Location

Another critical factor to consider when looking for off-campus housing is the location. Make sure that it is close to campus, public transportation, grocery stores, etc. This will help make your life a lot easier.

9. Furnishing and fittings

It is essential to ask about any furniture or fittings in the apartment. This will help avoid any surprise costs when moving out.

10. Rental term

Before you sign a lease, read the terms being offered. What is included, and what is expected from both parties? Can you end the contract early if needed extra resources?

Bottom Line

In conclusion, your housing choice as a student matters and can significantly impact your overall college experience! You have to consider everything listed above when making your decision. Good luck!



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