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Why you must install a backyard trampoline

It is every kid’s dream to hop onto a trampoline and bounce. The feeling of weightlessness whilst in the air is enough to make anyone squeal with delight! Trampolines, such as these at lifespan kids, are best introduced to kids aged six and above. Read on to find out about the benefits of trampolining!

Uses and benefits of a trampoline

Spatial Orientation:

Did you know that trampolines were earlier used to train astronauts? It helps to develop spatial orientation and better control over the body in various positions possible in space. It was observed that trampoline jumping helps to develop balance and body control mid-air. Additionally, it reduces the fear of being upside down and builds self-confidence.


Practice on the trampoline is essential to train for other sports such as diving, freestyle skiing and gymnastics. Your child will be able to perfect the necessary body movements in a shorter duration of time. The trampoline eliminates the hassle of having to climb to the diving board or the top of a ski slope before getting to try the particular move.

Motor Skills:

Studies show that trampoline jumping can aid in hand-eye coordination and muscle control. Subjects showed an improved intercommunication between the two halves of their brain. It was especially effective in improving the functioning of the cerebellum.

Muscle development:

Trampolines help in the effective conditioning of various muscle groups. Jumping especially develops the muscles in the legs. The act of pushing yourself off the taut fabric of the trampoline tenses the muscles in the arms, shoulders and abdomen (agonist group). On the other hand, the deltoids and lower back (antagonistic) muscles get stretched during a bounce and turn.

Stress and anxiety reduction:

Jumping drains the lymphatic system and increases blood circulation. This reduces stress and makes children more grounded and aware. Plenty of anecdotal evidence from parents corroborates that even 15 minutes a day on the trampoline can make a child feel light-hearted and attentive.

Improved Cardiovascular Health:

A study that compared the impact of a trampoline and a treadmill on the human body found that a 10-minute jump session was equivalent to a 30-minute run. The heart rate increased to the same levels in both. So if you are concerned about your own cardiovascular health, it might be a good idea to jump on your child’s trampoline once in a while yourself!

Trampoline safety and hazards

For all the fun they offer, trampoline jumping is a form of exercise and comes with a set of dos and don’ts, like any other exercise. Follow these safety tips to ensure an incidence-free trampoline experience.

Don’t compromise on the safety standards of the equipment:

Robust Springs: Look for zinc-plated springs to increase their longevity. Top suppliers subject them to several rounds of tension test, lifecycle test and rust test to ensure they withstand the onslaught of both repeated use and natural elements.

Nets: Catch nets must be taut and secure. Look for reinforced inside nets that prevent injuries caused by springs. Many suppliers such as lifespan kids also have nets with a zipless entry for heightened security.

Instalment: A majority of trampoline-related accidents happen in homes and not in commercial establishments like gyms and trampoline parks. You can avoid the associated risks by following some correct installation principles. Install your trampoline over an even area. Many parents bury the trampoline to reduce its height above the ground. See if you can construct a padded area surrounding the trampoline. Consult your supplier regarding extra stable designs.

Additionally, follow a “one-child rule”. Never allow more than one child on the trampoline at a time. The two children could collide, and there is a huge risk of double bounce. If your trampoline is accessible by a ladder, remove it to avoid unsupervised access by children.

Head over to your trampoline expert and let your children enjoy the feeling of flying in the safety of their own backyard.



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