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Why Preventive Orthodontic Treatment is So Important

Orthodontists estimate that 75 percent of children need braces to straighten their teeth.

When they see this statistic, most parents claim it’s manipulated to draw leads for orthodontic clinics. And that’s why these parents skip preventive orthodontic treatment. They claim it’s unnecessary and a total waste of money.

Sadly, these parents’ attitudes cause their kids to struggle with severe dental issues when they grow up.

Read on to discover why preventive orthodontic treatment is so important.

Preventive Orthodontic Treatment Corrects Misaligned Bite

Most parents tend to downplay misaligned bite and assume it’ll go away once the kid grows up. Yet, ignoring these dental issues only magnifies gum disease, teeth decay, and a speech impediment. So, to mitigate all these risks, you need to consider phase 1 orthodontic treatment.

At this stage, it’s easy for the orthodontist to correct the misaligned bite. The idea is to ensure your kids grow up with straight teeth, thereby having a beautiful smile.

Reduce the Need for Teeth Removal

Many dental issues that cause teeth removal can be avoided by investing in preventive orthodontics. That’s why it’s wise to take your kid to an orthodontist’s office from an early age. The orthodontist will inspect your kid’s teeth development and detect dental issues early.

You want to take action during this stage, saving your kid the pain of having a tooth removed when they grow up.

Create Space for Teeth Yet to Erupt

One of the leading reasons for crowded teeth is the lack of enough space. So to prevent this problem, you should invest in preventive orthodontic treatment. The orthodontist will inspect your kid’s teeth and create space for teeth yet to erupt.
The goal is to avoid your kid having crowded teeth when they grow up.

Minimize Treatment Time With Braces

Most kids hate braces as they feel they make them look awkward. And that’s why most of them resist getting braces. So, as a parent, it’s wise to look for ways to reduce the period your kid wears braces.

The best way to achieve this goal is by investing in preventive orthodontics. You want to detect dental issues early when they’re easy to treat, reducing treatment time with braces.

Eliminate the Need for Jaw Surgery

When not corrected early, bad dental habits lead to severe issues that require jaw surgery for treatment. You need to teach your kid good dental habits to mitigate this risk. On top of this, take them to see an orthodontist regularly to detect any teeth issues early on.

Take Advantage of Preventive Orthodontic Treatment to Enhance Dental Health

To improve dental health, it’s smart to invest in preventive orthodontic treatment. The idea is to take advantage of this treatment to reduce the need for teeth removal. Also, preventive orthodontic treatment will help create space for teeth yet to erupt.

So, to enjoy all these benefits, strive to find the best orthodontist near you.

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