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Why is emergency lightning so important in your building?

Is your building prepared if there is any mishap or power outage? Just as airbags and seatbelts must be working properly in case of a car accident, so should extinguishers, alarms, and other safety measures work properly in case of a power outage or fire. However, one of the most broadly applicable and life safety solutions that often goes neglected is emergency lighting.

The US experiences longer-lasting power outages than any other developed country in the world. The US average customer loses around 3.5 power outages each year, whereas in Japan, only six minutes of power outage an average customer experience.

Therefore, when a power outage happens, people lose the confidence of navigating the building all by themselves. In addition, areas in a building such as stairwells, storage areas, restrooms, or internal offices with little or no natural light can make it difficult for residents to navigate without any emergency lighting.

Installing emergency lighting in your building is so important for many reasons.

Regulations Regarding Emergency Lightning

As per regulatory reform 2005, all residential and commercial property owners are responsible for everyone who works, stays, or visits their property.

Therefore, as a building owner, it is your responsibility to install emergency lighting in your building. Furthermore, this regulation makes it compulsory for all buildings to remain safe whenever there’s a power outage.

Why is Emergency Lightning so important in your building?

Installing emergency lighting is necessary by law. Furthermore, there are many other reasons for installing them in your building:

  • Reduces Panic

In case of fire or power outage, residents often panic and fear the darkness that may lead to much injuries-even death. Therefore, with proper emergency lightning, residents can leave buildings easily in case of fire or navigate themselves in case of a power outage.

  • Useful for Fire Responders

Fire Responders also need to move outside the building in case of fire emergencies. Even if they are calm in such situations, they still need navigation to get people stuck in fire out of the building. Therefore, emergency lightning helps fire responders easily let people out of the building in case of emergencies.

  • Reduces Tension

Emergency lightning stays on even after there is an issue of a power outage. This reduces the tension that comes with the darkness in a fire or power outage emergency. Therefore, residents feel secure when there is light in case of any emergencies.

  • Keeps us safe

In case of a power outage in your building, emergency lightning ensures that your residents get enough light to safely and securely navigate themselves throughout the building. In addition, emergency lighting remains open 24/7 so that residents can illuminate the exits in case of any emergencies.

Types of Emergency lightning for the safety of your residents

There are many types of emergency lighting available for the safety of buildings and residents:

  • Escape Route Lightning

This lightning is also known as bulkhead lighting. It is designed specifically for conditions like fire emergencies. It provides residents the safest route to navigate towards exiting the building in case of fire. Such lights are usually found in the ceiling for you to avoid any obstacles.

  • Open Area Emergency Lightning

In some areas, this lightning is also known as anti-panic emergency lighting. The main purpose of such lightning is to provide residents with the illumination in the building to reach the exit easily and safely. It is placed in public areas of a building for residents to have enough light while evacuating.

  • Standby Lightning

Standby lighting can provide enough light in case of a power outage or any other mishap. It ensures that residents can do normal activities even after a power outage. In addition, it offers light for residents to feel safe and secure and stay panic-free. An emergency generator mostly provides Standby lightning.


When it comes to building safety, emergency lighting is a must. Every building must prioritize such lights along with other life safety solutions. If you are looking for an emergency light service in your area, contact All Florida fire to fulfil your emergency lighting needs. In addition, they offer lightning service throughout Tampa and other surrounding areas.



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