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Why install a powerline outlet network in your home

Wi-Fi has certainly made connections very simple and convenient. You can connect your smartphones, laptops and tablets wirelessly and surf the web without any difficulty. You can perform normal internet activities with ease, but with the wireless connection you often get interference or weak signals. The connection is often cut. However, the reconnection time is so quick that most of the time you won’t feel a major setback.

There’s no denying the benefits of Wi-Fi as long as you’re talking about smartphones or tablets, but if you’re using a PC, consoles, smart TV, or backup hard drives, you might want the connection to be faster and more reliable. Here, Powerline Ethernet adapters play a huge role. To clear this up, let’s take a closer look at the significant advantages of Ethernet cables over Wi-Fi( [pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2]).

Connection stability

Wi-Fi adapters might provide speed and ease, but when it comes to stability it’s another thing. With all the specs impeccable, you might want a more stable connection to perform the important activities. The problem is more serious for online gamers and server operators.

With the game, every second counts as you rely on your instincts and quick reaction time to overpower your opponent. However, if you are lagging behind or suffer from disconnection, you will lose the game and it could frustrate you. Powerline Ethernet adapters, on the other hand, never let mid-game lag ruin your gameplay. Older versions of Ethernet adapters offer even more stability than Wi-Fi and the chances of disconnection are close to zero. The same goes for servers. With the latest Cat 6 cables, you can achieve a speed of 10 Gb / s, which is much higher than the latest Wi-Fi technologies.

Connection speed

Speed ​​relates to the Internet connection and the quality of the connection. Wi-Fi can offer great bandwidth, but just raw bandwidth doesn’t mean you have great speed. Latency or ping is also important when talking about speed. Wi-Fi connections have high interference, and media servers and games are affected by high pings. For media servers, Ethernet adapters would be a good choice because you want the streaming service to be lag-free and smooth. Plus, if you’re talking about file transfers between two devices, Ethernet adapters easily beat Wi-Fi in the running. Even if you use Cat 5 cable, you will get 1 Gbps of speed and the transfer process becomes much easier.

Why are Ethernet adapters a smart choice?

If the houses are large, then a single Wi-Fi router might not provide the correct signals in all rooms, so it’s best to have a wired connection if you don’t want to compromise on speed.
If you want to connect smart devices like game consoles, home theaters, and some TVs that don’t support Wi-Fi, then Powerline Ethernet jacks are the best choice for your home.
If you work more on a desktop PC and want the streaming quality and speed to be perfect, then the best option for you is, without a doubt, Ethernet. You’ll get a solid connection and don’t have to worry about signal interference or high pings. If your priorities are speed, low pings and a reliable connection then powerline Ethernet adapters are a more optimal option while if you are not concerned with the factors mentioned above you can go with Wi-Fi and to carry on with your daily activities with small problems.

Wi-Fi and wired connection the best of both worlds

Note that some current stater kits can also serve as a wifi relay. This is the case with the best powerlinesocket , the devolo Magic 2 WiFi, Siege of orgrimmar entrance, which transmits data very quickly via the copper cables of your electrical installation and deploys WiFi to each socket thanks to the WiFi ac standard. This new Magic 2 WiFipowerline kit from Devolo uses a whole new method of transferring data over the power lines in your home. The result is faster data transfer rates than ever before.

The best Powerline adapters are also incredibly easy to install – just plug one into a power outlet through your router or modem, and connect it via an Ethernet cable. Then place a second adapter where you want to power the network or the Internet, and connect all devices to the second adapter.



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