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Why Do You Need to Make Your Bath Bombs in Unique Shapes?

I’m sure you’ve found this article because you already know the answer to that question; we all love bath bombs and love making our own. The reason we make them is so they can fizz, dissolve and leave a beautiful scent in your bath water. After reading this article, I hope it will encourage more of you to try some unique shapes for your next batch of bath bombs! Moreover, use robust bath bomb packaging boxes to keep these bath bombs intact in the packaging.

Most regular-shaped bath bombs have a round shape which gives a “round” edge when cutting or molding them into a different shape. This means that even if they did come out of the mold with sharp edges, once cut. They lose their value as being unique.

To make sure your bath bombs are truly unique, they need to retain their sharp edges. Be careful not to use rounded objects when molding them because if the object is round, you’ll get a round-shaped bath bomb! Another reason why I think it’s important for bath bombs to have sharp edges is that they look incredibly beautiful when placed in a container.

How to Make Bath Bombs with Unique Shapes?

I will teach you how to create different shaped bath bombs using silicone molds. The molds I use are made of hard plastic, which makes them easy to work with and ensures my entire batch of bath bombs comes out of the mold easily without any. These same molds can be used for all kinds of things such as making soap, baking cupcakes and many other uses.

There’s no argument that round bath bombs look great, and if you want to, you can indeed make your bath bombs in a spherical shape by hand. However, when I first started out making my own bath bombs, I did it wrong and ended up having to throw them away because they had no sharp edges and stuck to the silicone molds!

Unique Shapes to For Bath Bombs

There are a lot of different shapes you can make your bath bombs in, but I have found that there are certain unique shapes that will help your bubble bars stand out from the rest. I have found these four popular bubbling bomb designs to be the most aesthetically pleasing to my eyes and include:

Teardrop Shaped

When you cut a spherical shape in half, it creates a teardrop shape. This is a beautiful way to add an accent color into your round bath bomb for something extra special!

Triangular Shaped

These look great without adding any additional ingredients if they simply have a flat-colored bottom with one or two colors on top. But don’t forget to twist your bath bomb while it is still wet, so you get that nice clay-dough effect!

Fizzy Flower Shaped

This is one of my favorite ways to make a flower-shaped bomb. Add some lavender flowers, rose petals, and fizzy pop rocks on top.  Please be careful if you do this because pop rocks can become very hot once they start popping in water.

Diamond Shaped

This shape is really beautiful when turned into two colors with some accents. It is really cool to make this shape with different colors and things inside. If you are new to making these types of bombs, I would suggest that you try to make round ones before trying out difficult shapes.

Square Shaped

These are very cool because you can change out the colors on each side to make them one solid color or two slightly different shades. You could also create a patterned look by using glitter in between some of the layers. I think these are great for weddings since they are so simple but still have a really elegant feel to them when finished.


This is another shape that is perfect for weddings and special occasions. The heart can be any size, filled with any ingredient and designed in your favorite color combination. I would suggest getting creative with this one! Maybe add some gold or silver accents to give it more glamour.

Christmas Tree

This is one of those bath bombs that will also fit in well with any winter or holiday occasion. You can make a Christmas tree out of ingredients like a green bath bomb mixture and then use a red ball as the top. You could also make a gingerbread man.

Benefits of Making Unique Shapes for Bath Bombs

Customer Attraction

Bath bombs are not always made in fun shapes to make them more visually appealing. This is because people see them and want to buy them. In a store that sells things for beauty, you can find bath bombs shaped like animals or the same color as seasons. People around the world like handmade and unique items. You can make your shop different from all of the others.

Unique Shapes Can Be Functional Bombs

Unique shapes tend to have different functions than other standard ones. For example, round bath bombs can relax muscles and melt away stress. They do this by rolling over your skin. Other shapes with edges might be hard on your skin and not relax you as well. Then there are diamonds, triangles and other shapes that can be used for certain parts of the body.

Unique Shapes Can Be Sensational

While standard bath bombs are often round or oblong-shaped, unique ones can come in an array of creative designs. The more you get creative with the styles, the more fun it will be for customers to use them. For example, you can make a star shape out of different scents, so when they combine in water, they create a new smell altogether. Always use wholesale printed cardboard boxes to pack these goods and entice your customers.

Final Thoughts

These bath bombs have an impressive look to them that’s different from the standard round or oblong ones. You can also choose various sizes that are either bigger or smaller, depending on how much you want to charge for them. Try out new shapes and scents with your next batch of bath bombs!

I hope I have guided you enough to make your bath bombs in unique shapes. For more guides on how to make different types of bath bombs, feel free to explore the site! Thank you for reading this article.




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