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Why Content is Still Important in Modern-Day SEO?

Google is bringing changes to the algorithm frequently. What does it mean to your content marketing? Should you ditch content marketing altogether? 

The answer is no. With every update, Google makes it clear that the website is all about the user. Whatever you do, if you are user-oriented, you will do well.

Good content positively affects people. Since it’s all about words, you need not be an expert to do that. You just need to understand basic human psychology and work your way around the words. Then you can persuade them with your words to trust your solutions.

When your content truly helps people, they will engage more. They will find your content too irresistible to ignore. That would force Google to promote you higher. 

Let’s see how content helps you rank in Google.

Allows Strategic Keyword Placement

Google uses keywords to match user intent with your content. As such, keywords matching user intent are crucial for rankings. You need a place to insert your keywords to show up in Google searches.

People overstuff keywords to rank for multiple keywords, but this could work out against you. Google might give you a negative score which affects your ranking.

If you need to place keywords, you need to have good content. The quality of the content is necessary for the keywords to work for you in a positive manner. Even if you write more content, your keywords won’t help if the quality is poor. People won’t read your content and your rankings will drop soon.

Place your keywords strategically, your keywords should blend well into the content. Don’t leave them hanging and disconnected. 

Writing quality content with a good strategy will help you. You will find opportunities to place your keywords without harming the user experience. 

Writing long-form content will reduce the risk of keyword stuffing. Since the words are many, a few mistakes in keywords won’t harm much. Hire a content marketing agency to help you create content.

Encourages Social Sharing

User engagement is a key ranking factor. Your audience should engage with the content you post on social media and your site. It is only possible when you create and publish quality content.

When people love your content, they start engaging with it. They like, comment, or share. It leads to more engagement. More people will see their friends reacting to posts and join them. 

Friends share a lot of things with their friends. Your content could be one of them. Thousands of people will share your content. 

Videos are popular today. It consumes less energy and effort from the audience. Your videos could go viral if they share them.

Even if you lack in other technical aspects, the content will push you higher. That doesn’t mean you can neglect technical SEO. 

The combination of technical SEO and content marketing will work wonders. If you struggle to optimize for multiple pages, get the enterprise SEO services of a company.

Breathes life into your brand

Your website has many elements like web design, CTAs, and footer. Optimizing these will help for getting in higher rankings. But the problem is, it is too technical. People don’t like software and bots which lack emotion.

Content helps add life to your brand. It shows that you understand human emotions. That wins you, their trust. The more empathetic you become, the better they will connect with you. 

Content marketing helps you set a voice and tone for your brand. People will recognize you by your brand’s voice.

Videos help you build trust. You can show them that you are a real person. Podcasts help to position yourself as an expert. You can share what is on your mind in detail. 

All these things help you build real relationships. Your audience will communicate with a brand having a face, voice, ideas, and emotions. In this way, content marketing improves user experience and builds trust. Work with a content marketing agency to build your brand voice. 

 Directs People to your Site

Backlinks are essential for rankings. With backlinks, you will get more traffic. People from other sites come to your website. All this is possible only through content.

Content provides you with a way to tap into the audience of another blogger. You can benefit from each other’s brand reputation. Bloggers will have people looking for information and solutions. When they see your expert content, they will come to your site.

If you have well-researched content, they will link to you. Bloggers want solutions too. If you can show your expertise and help them, they will link you. 

Sharing thoughts on trends in the industry will also help. You can write about the future in your industry. It will make more people engage with the content. They would also share it to hear from many people. Google will recognize you and will promote you. 

Updating outdated content is crucial too. You want the content to stay relevant. If you have a few pages, you can do it yourself. A company with thousands of pages can get the enterprise SEO services of a company to update its content.



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