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What Jobs Can You Get With A Global MBA?

Master of Business Administration, popularly known as the MBA, is one of the most sought-after academic programmes that offer professional degrees upon completion. If you have decided to get an MBA degree, consider gaining business experience through a global MBA. Top-notch Business schools in many countries offer global MBA programmes. Global MBA focuses on developing individuals’ business skills while preparing them to work in an international environment. The curriculum of a global MBA has certain similarities with that of a regular MBA, but most importantly, it aims to develop an international outlook.

Businesses across the globe have increased their pace of globalisation. It would be wise to go for a global MBA rather than the traditional MBA programmes in such a scenario. A global MBA has a multitude of advantages like it helps expand professional career, assists students in landing their dream job, helps grow an international network, and most importantly, offers inspiration that pushes an individual for innovative business ideas.

In this article, we intend to talk about the career paths that a global MBA graduate can pursue. These MBA courses offer multiple opportunities in the global industries, including logistics, marketing, finance, consultancy, trade regulations, etc. The graduates of a global MBA can choose from a variety of careers. Let’s take a look.

Global Supply Chain Manager

A global supply chain manager is a professional overseeing a company’s overall supply chain, logistics strategy, and international procurement strategies. These professionals ensure getting high-quality material for the best price. They play a significant role in the supply chain division of any company by taking care of logistics and managing inventory. The average salary of a global supply chain manager in Germany is approximately €62,000 per annum.

International Marketing Manager

International marketing managers can work across various companies as they are versed in formulating strategies for global marketing plans that promote business growth and profitability. Their responsibilities include developing, managing, and organising all marketing materials. They are trained professionals specialising in global business tactics. International marketing managers are among Berlin’s well-paid professionals with an average annual salary of €68,870.

International Trade Policy Advisor

An international trade policy advisor is a knowledgeable professional specialising in communicating foreign countries’ trade regulations to clients. They help clients select a geographic area to target by offering demographic information about incentives for promoting trade in a particular area.

International Sales Manager

The role of an international sales manager is to direct, train, and supervise a sales team to achieve the set goal or objective. They can efficiently design and recommend sales and marketing campaigns with long-term and short-term trade strategies. The innovative marketing strategies they plan are targeted towards increasing the sales and profitability of the business.

Global Marketing Manager

Global Marketing managers are marketing executives who mainly handle a company’s marketing interests abroad. The companies that do business around the globe hire global marketing managers to understand the customers’ preferences and needs across different countries. These professionals also create and launch culturally and regionally appropriate promotions and can identify new markets with the potential to generate sales.

If you aspire to acquire a global MBA degree, consider applying to institutions with an excellent global business environment. To learn more about global MBA programmes, sign in now!



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