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what is a Chromebook vs a Laptop: Which should you buy

What is a Chromebook vs a Laptop? Since their launch, Chromebooks are continuing to mature and become a people pleaser version. Google’s Chromebook OS is extremely easy to use, not to mention popular due to flexibility and affordability. On the other hand, Microsoft isn’t like taking this threat lightly. They are continuing to update their Windows 10 OS with new tricks, encompassing the Start menu and Cortana assistant. But every now and then, when you’re looking to buy a new machine, you find yourself asking, what is a Chromebook vs a Laptop and which should buy. 

In this guide, we answer the inevitable question, Chromebook vs Laptop via a series of comparisons. Since investing hundreds of dollars on machines is not something you can afford every now and then, you must evaluate all your options, judge the best computer for your needs, and then buy.

Software: Windows 10 or Mac OS vs Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a lightweight operating system when compared to Windows OS or Mac OS. That’s because the Chrome OS is centred around the Chrome app and web-based processes. Unlike the Windows OS or Mac OS, you cannot install third-party apps on Chromebook that aren’t on Google Play Store. It powers the Chrome OS to run only certified applications unlike Windows OS that run dozens of processes in the background. 

Winner: Windows/Mac OS


Windows OS and Mac OS are highly polished operating systems that are more integrated and seamless than its predecessors. You get to enjoy all the new functionalities, including the ones added to the Start menu.  The taskbar in Windows has been updated to include Cortana search bar next to the Start menu. With Mac OS, you get to enjoy the luxurious working of the Mac applications along with several amazing capabilities. 

Coming to Chromebook, the Start button sits in the corner. When pressed, it pop opens the Google search bar along with the recently surfed applications and webpages. They receive all the support from the Play Store. Moreover, Chrome OS was built as a web-operating system. So, all the apps run in the Chrome browser. 

Winner: Chrome OS 

Cortana/Siri vs Google Now:

Siri has always been a popular voice assistant since it inception. And the legacy continues in the Mac OS as well. Cortana in Windows 10 is a lot like Google Now in Chrome.  All these voice assistant provide useful information, schedule things for you, and check out places on your behalf. However, Cortana does more than Google Now. It can perform all the natural language searches for files on your laptop, dictate emails, book appointments, and more. The same goes for Siri as well. 

Winner: Cortana/Siri

Apps and software:

For a fully-functional laptop, you need a few basic programs, like the ones for productivity, photo editing, video editing, playback, music, and a browser. For Chromebook vs Laptop all of these tasks are possible, but Google’s OS is still under-development. 

Winner: Windows /Mac OS 

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