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What Happens to Your Digital Estate After Death

No matter how hard you try, one can never win the race against time. Whether you like it or not, sooner than later one would become a part of the ancestors. With the mortality rate increasing every day, have you ever thought of what would happen to your digital assets after you’re gone? You may wonder whether you have digital assets or not; we’ll take you through what it means to own digital assets. After reading through this article, you might need the help of the most reputable lawyer hervey bay.

What are digital assets?

Digital assets simply refer to any electronically owned assets rather than in physical form. Daily, people from different places and times create digital assets worldwide. Some do this without even knowing. Some good examples include saving documents, taking pictures, and even making music. Digital currency, and other non-fungible tokens are not excluded.

It is nice to know that some providers have initiated processes to make your digital platforms or assets accessible to your loved ones after your death, and they include:

1. Legacy Contact

On Facebook, this feature (legacy contact) can help any one of your choosing to access your account after your death. You only have to appoint an individual, and, after your demise, he/she can access your content, write a post, and even close down the account.

2. Inactive Account Manager

This is yet another innovative reform brought about by Google. When you go inactive for about 18 months, your appointed contact(s) would be notified and granted access to the selected content. You can also decide whether Google should delete your account after notification or not.

3. Digital Legacy

The digital Legacy is brought about by the Apple incorporation. With it, you can select up to five people with access to your iCloud account, including access to your photographs, messages, and other information upon presentation of a unique security key & a copy of your death certificate.

It is very essential, especially for those that a significant portion of wealth and other valuables in their assets to provide a “Will” for their digital assets will be particularly important for individuals whose digital assets comprise a significant amount of their wealth. It is imperative therefore to inform your solicitor of all your valuable digital assets, including digital arts, music, or even cryptocurrency. Having done this, there will be a proper review and documentation of the process of passing them on. If you wish, you may make use of the express provision empowering your executors to have power in dealing with your digital assets. This can help curb the difficulties that may arise from family members.


Whether or not we like it, the digital world is becoming an increasingly more crucial part of our day-to-day living. It is therefore imperative that one considers what should happen to his/her digital assets after death. Should you wish to discuss your digital assets further please do not hesitate to get in touch with lawyer hervey bay.

Do not fall into the temptation of writing down a list of your online accounts and their respective passwords. Doing this poses a high-security risk both while you’re alive and after you’re gone. Also, it could also breach the terms and conditions of service providers.



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