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What Are the Selection Criteria for AFCAT Exam?

If you are looking to crack the AFCAT exam in the Indian Air Force, you must appear for the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) exam. The selection process for the AFCAT Exam comprises several phases, including an online written test, two stages of interviews, and a medical examination.

AFCAT Selection Process

The selection process for the AFCAT exam is done through the following stages that have been explained in this article. BYJU’S Exam Prep is one of the best sources of preparation for the exam. It provides you with the best quality of study materials, notes, pdfs, test series as well as online courses.

Online Written Test

AFCAT conducts the online written examination for various technical and non-technical posts. The exam carries 300 marks, and candidates will get 120 minutes or 2 hours to attempt it. The candidates who opt for a technical stream must also attempt the EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test) in addition to the online written test. EKT carries 150 marks, and candidates will get 45 minutes to write this exam. Both the exams are in English and of the objective type.

The AFSB Interview

Once candidates get through the online exam and EKT, they must appear for the AFSB Interview. The interview comprises two stages.

Stage 1

In the first stage, candidates must attempt three tests: the Officers Intelligence Test, Picture Perception Description Test, and Discussion. AFCAT will conduct the first stage on the first day of the selection process. Those who have applied for various positions in the Indian Air Force will get the results right away. Only those candidates who qualify will be allowed to go through to the next stage in the selection process.

Stage 2

Stage 2 is the most crucial phase in the AFSB Interview. Candidates attempt various assessments, including several psychological tests conducted by a professional psychologist. These psychological assessments will determine if the candidate is mentally fit for the job.

Moreover, the candidates must also perform various group tasks, including indoor and outdoor activities.

Similarly, candidates must also clear a personal interview to move to the next stage.

Candidates who have applied for different positions in the flying branch must also go through the CPSS (Computerised Pilot Selection System) or the PAB (Pilot Aptitude Battery) tests.

The entire selection process takes five days. Only those candidates who come through all the tests and are deemed fit enough for various roles get to the next stage in the selection process.

 Medical Examination for AFCAT Selection

Once a candidate successfully qualifies in all the stages of the selection process, they can attempt the medical examination. The Indian Air Force conducts a thorough medical screening of qualifying candidates to determine if they are fit for the job.

Candidates who qualify in the different stages of the selection process must report to the Air Force Central Medical Establishment (AFCME), New Delhi. Here, they will undergo various medical tests that determine if they can handle the responsibilities.

Alternatively, qualifying candidates can also report to the Institute of Aviation Medicine, Bengaluru, for the medical examination.

Candidates appearing for the medical examination can know the same through email and SMS. However, they should check the official website of the Indian Air Force for updates.

 Final Selection Process for AFCAT Exam

Candidates who have successfully managed to clear all the stages in the selection process and the medical examination will get a role in the Indian Air Force. They can check for the same through a merit list. The merit list depends on the candidate’s scores in the AFCAT online examination, their performance in the AFSB Interview, the medical test, and the vacancies available.

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