The calm before the storm

Its existence Warhammer 40,000 is required nastolki Gaygeksa (Gary Gygax) and  Arneson (David Arneson). In 1983, the Citadel Miniatures team, run by Games Workshop  , a company that made miniatures for D&D(Shadow Blade 5eand Eldritch Blast 5e) , created figurines that were supposed to be given out to customers for free, in addition to their main products, to encourage them to buy more miniatures. As a result, Warhammer Fantasy grew into a separate popular game.

Just a couple of months, its creators have come up with based on Warhammer sci-fi setting, which took a lot of  Rogue Trader  – old project manager Citadel Miniatures Rick Priestley ( Rick Priestley ). True, he concentrated on battles of spaceships, and in the new game they were abandoned. In 1986, the first teaser for Warhammer 40,000 appeared in the Citadel Journal, a year later the first set with Space Marines was released, and soon a full-fledged board game – Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader , from which the most popular and profitable wargame Games Workshop grew . By the way, at first they wanted to call it just Rogue Trader , but  Games Workshop I bought a license for the Rogue Trooper board game a little earlier and did not want to confuse buyers.

In the second edition, which came out in 1993, the setting got rid of the subtitle, and at the same time the first books with the “lore” of the game were published, the base of which was finally consolidated in the third edition. Over time, new units and campaigns were added to the wargame, which moved the global plot of the series in parallel to a huge number of books – today, under a hundred novels have been written in the universe of “forty thousand”. Over time, the game became more convenient: for example, the sixth edition allowed you to more freely organize your army, and the eighth edition lowered the entry threshold and divided the wargame into three types of matches with rules of varying difficulty. Well, in the ninth, which was released quite recently, the game’s logo was changed.

Dawn of war

Perhaps the best Warhammer 40,000 game so far – the first part of the Dawn of War RTS series and its add-ons, which are also good as independent representatives of the genre. It is also an excellent entry point into the universe of a gloomy future, because almost all races of the “forty-thousand” are represented in the game. We will deal with them.

All participants in game conflicts can be divided into three large groups: Imperium, Chaos and Xenos. Most of the events of Warhammer 40,000 revolve around the Imperium of Humanity – a group of people that has survived several space wars and almost complete destruction. During the Dark Age of Technology (aka Golden), the population of the Earth spread across countless systems and opened up travel through the Warp – a space woven of the worst emotions and dreams. After 10 thousand years, the heyday was replaced by the Age of Strife due to Warp storms, which blocked the connection between human colonies, and the uprising of machines.

You should dwell in more detail on the Space Marines. After the Age of Strife, this faction became the Emperor’s tool in uniting the colonies scattered across space. It is divided into orders, each of which was originally headed by a primarch – an artificially grown great warrior, the “son” of the Emperor. When, during the space ferry, containers with small primarchs were scattered across different planets, the Emperor had to collect them throughout the universe. All of them grew very quickly, they were distinguished by their strength and intelligence and could even grow to the rulers of their planets – it was not for nothing that many received their names in honor of local deities.

Mechanical Brotherhood

A special place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe is occupied by the AdeptusMechanicus, which a couple of years ago deserved their own game – turn-based Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus , one of the best projects in the universe. In it, the player controls the “cohort” of machine people who explore the tombs of the Necrons on Silva Tenebris.

This faction separated from the F95zone at the dawn of the Dark Age of Technology, during the colonization of Mars. There civilization developed parallel to the earthly one, and gradually the Cult of the Machine grew on the planet: the Martians despised mortal flesh and turned to various augmentations, which made it difficult to recognize people in them. They returned to the Imperium only during the Great Crusade and began to worship the Emperor as the Omnissia – the physical embodiment of the Machine God.

The AdeptusMechanicus live for knowledge and technology. A good example is Uber Amos, a scientist and member of the team of Inquisitor Eisenhorn, who, due to a virus, became an information addict and began to log absolutely any data. Moreover, Emos is not even a full-fledged tech-priest.

Of particular value to the Mechanicus are the STC, or Standard Template Constructions – something like blueprints for inventions of the Dark Age of Technology. In the 41st millennium, people do not even think to invent something: this is due to the fact that in the past technological expansion led to an uprising of AI, so now humanity is simply afraid of new discoveries. Over time, SShK becomes less and less, which makes them even more valuable. It comes to the point that the Imperium can send out an entire fleet on a tip from rumors.

Space Wanderers

A separate popular niche in Warhammer 40,000 games is stories under the Space Hulk brand . This subset is dedicated to the study of space wanderers: clusters of wrecked or abandoned ships that have grown together as a result of collisions. They wander the Milky Way unpredictably, pass through the Warp from time to time and reach such sizes that they often acquire their own gravity and even an atmosphere. So, occasionally they become a haven for the inhabitants of space, whether they are tyranids, orcs, unable to build something equally complex, or rejected imperials.

In  Space Hulk, players are faced with genestealers – the “infantry” of the tyranids. Only veteran Space Marines who have earned the right to use the Terminator Armor are sent to battle with them. This is a heavy-duty massive armor that becomes a second skin for the paratrooper thanks to the Black Shell – an additional organ that is implanted in all Astartes. On the wanderers, firstly, they exterminate genestealers, who may be the harbingers of the invasion of the tyranids, and secondly, they explore ships in search of ancient technologies like the SShK.



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