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Vaping, A New Trend

Switching to e-Cigarettes

Ever thought of switching from smoking tobacco to e-cigarettes? Smokers worldwide found an alternative to smoking through e-cigarettes. A few years back, it became a trend and slowly gained popularity among smokers.

It has different types; some are vape pens, e-pipes, e-pens, and vaporisers. These e-cigarettes have a wide range of availability from designs, sizes, and accessories. Innokin is the most trusted vape pen alongside other brands currently in the market.

Backed up by technology, e-cigarettes have continued to innovate. The best thing about trifecta joint is that every product update focuses on customers’ needs.

Thus, one sees an increase in its yearly users.

Have you seen a person or two using e-cigarettes and wondered how to use them? Here are a few notes on this new trend if you are also thinking of switching.

What is an e-Cigarette?

E-cigarettes were initially from Beijing and hit the US and European markets in 2007. It has a rechargeable battery and consists of an atomiser and a container. Its main difference with tobacco is that the user inhales vapour instead of smoke. As a result, it became a better choice for smokers who wish to lessen nicotine consumption and other chemicals present in tobacco.

Using an e-cigarette is referred to as vaping. What’s good about vaping is that you have the liberty of customising it based on your preferences. It also comes in different sizes and can be quickly brought anywhere.

In addition, it is powered by rechargeable batteries making it cost-efficient. You can buy an e-cigarette and use it for years, saving money from buying packets of cigarettes.

Cigalikes and Vape Pens

As mentioned earlier, several e-cigarette types have different sizes, features, and usage. For those who would like to switch, you can choose from either of these two beginner-friendly e-cigarettes. They are cigalikes and vape pens:

Cigalikes are famous for beginners. As the name suggests, it looks like a regular tobacco cigarette. It’s less expensive than other types of e-cigarettes in the market. It has a rechargeable battery and a replaceable cartridge. It is easy to carry around due to its size, is discreet, and is simple to use.

Vape pens, on the other hand, have a refillable tank. You can fill the tank with the e-liquid flavour of choice and nicotine level. Same as the cigalikes, vape pens are discrete and beginner-friendly.

The market offers wide availability of e-cigarettes starter kits. Innokin has a vast selection of high-quality vapes ranging from inexpensive to most expensive; all are undoubtedly top-of-line vaping products. Their vapes and accessories attract not only beginners but also seasoned vapers.

You can always check your options to get the best out of this experience.

Vaping Flavors

Aside from fulfilling the actual act of smoking, many vapers enjoy e-cigarettes for their flavorful vapours. For most users, it became a hobby of choosing your next e-liquid flavour. Flavour selection ranges from fruity, dessert and even beverage.

The most common fruity flavours are grapes, strawberries, apples, and melon. Most vapers prefer cola, coffee, roast chicken, and bubblegum for dessert and beverages.

Although those who just began to use e-cigarettes will likely prefer menthol or cigarette-like flavours.

To summarise them all, regardless of your lifestyle and needs, there’s an e-cigarette to suit your needs.



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