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Use Dictation with ESL Students in 8 Great Ways!

However, dictation may be a fun and engaging approach to get pupils writing and speaking. As a starting point for additional tasks, it doesn’t require much time or extensive input. Consider using dictation in your ESL classroom in one of these ways. Check out fitgirl repack.

  1. Tell a Story.

All across the internet, you can find a variety of short stories that you can dictate. There are hundreds of short stories and movies on the British Council for children and adults. For example, you may have students mix the story and reorder it once they finish the dictation. Also, pupils might predict the story’s ending or leave missing words to be filled in later.

  1. What should I do if I don’t know the answer?

Why not turn a comprehension exercise into a dictation exercise if you have a set of questions in your course book or worksheet? In this manner, you may teach children the English vocabulary test and meaning before reading the text to get the answers.

  1. Dictate the sentences for the discussion.

This is a terrific method to get kids chatting and some writing practice while introducing your class to a new topic. For example, you could ask the following questions to students in a course on travel and tourism and then ask them to respond.

  • “Where did you go on vacation last?”
  • ‘Which country in the globe would you most like to visit?’
  • ‘Is there a place you’d rather not visit?’

As a teacher, it’s essential to get pupils habituated to dictation for class 9 exercises by making the dictation short and pleasant.

  1. Songs or Speeches viewed on YouTube

Use the internet to find an exciting speech, song, or poem that you may narrate to your kids. Once the kids have done writing and listening to the address, they can read and practice it.

  1. Run and rip!

Post short texts or sentences that you want students to focus on the wall. Assign pupils to small groups and have them “walk” or “run” to the readings they’ve been assigned. It’s not uncommon for students to struggle to retain parts of dictation before racing back to their groups to dictate the sentence to a partner. Afterward, they switch roles. The winning team is the one that comes out on top at the end of the competition. Choose texts that aren’t overly long, as this can lead to a boisterous situation.

  1. Take a look at the Written Recording.

Instruct your students to cut up the text and divide it into sentences that they can then read aloud to the rest of the class. On the other hand, encourage kids to read slowly and clearly so that their peers may hear them. “This teaches pupils the importance of proper pronunciation and the difficulty of giving a dictation.

  1. The Sentence is completed.

Prepare short sentences that the kids themselves can complete. It’s possible to say, for example, “I’ve never been impressed by…,” or “Nobody in my family has ever….”

Tell kids that you will substitute a word with the sound ‘beep’ as you dictate. Using the following examples, you can become more familiar with the past simple irregular:

Initiating a Dictation Task

As you speak, students jot down what you say. 

  • Describe this concept.
  • When teaching beginners, don’t speak too hastily.
  • As you read, break down the phrases into smaller, more understandable bits.
  • If someone asks you to repeat something, take a breath and be ready to do so.
  • Keep your cool.


Encourage children to rectify their own mistakes during dictation activities. It’s up to you whether or not you want to write the answers on the board or have the pupils do it themselves. It’s also a good idea to display the corrections in PowerPoint. You may make the text ‘fly in’ when the students answer questions by animating it. Students can have a lot of fun checking their classmates’ work if asked to do it. They can deduct one point for each mistake they find, and the student with the lowest score wins. Go through our website https://spellquiz.com for more information.



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