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Tour to the two unique places in Dubai

Welcome to the new piece of paper, in this article we will discuss some fun activities in Dubai city. If you are excited to know those fun activities read this article till the last line.

In case you have friends on this journey it will be more fun for you. Similarly, there is family fun in Dubai.

Before going to discover all these fun activities let’s talk about the basic requirement. And that basic requirement is the car/vehicle. In this busy city, you need to hire a rental car, of course, you have the option of public transport but the choice of rental car is great and more facilitated. Dubai exotic car rental takes responsibility for this basic requirement. They offer different kinds of vehicles which include luxury cars too in the best possible rent.

After getting a vehicle must visit the below-mentioned places. In these places, you will enjoy it more and you will get a great experience.

Underwater world

If you have the plan to visit the world’s deepest swimming pool welcome to the most advanced city in the world known as Dubai. The world’s deepest swimming pool is located in Dubai and is known as Deep Dive Dubai. This swimming pool is 196 feet deep. To know in more detail about this pool keep reading.

This pool can hold 14 million liters of water. More amazingly it has the feature of a sunken city with abandoned streetscape apartment, garage, arcade, and other super visual features. The pool also has 2 underwater habitats, 56 underwater cameras covering all the corners of the pool, and an underwater sound and mood lighting system.

The pool water is filtered and circulated every 6 hours because of which it looks very clean. The diving team is very expert and they perform different activities inside Deep Dive Dubai swimming pools.

Visit Palm Jumeirah 

It will be more enjoyable in case if you visit the Palm Jumeirah. This is a man-made island. If we spotlight its construction there is no concrete or steel used in the construction of Palm Jumeirah. It looks like how this is possible but instead of concrete. Engineers used sands, yes there are 120 million cubic meters of sands has been used on this island. Similarly, to get a strong base engineer has been used more than 7 million tons of rock in which most of which are collected from the Hajar mountain.

This island is man-made but it does not mean that it will be small in size. Palm Jumeirah covers a 5.72 sq. km area.

The name of the island is because of its shape. This man-made island matches the shape of a palm tree that is why it is called palm Jumeirah. The look of palm Jumeirah from the above vertical is very attractive that’s why lots of skydivers choose this location for diving.

There are other reasons too which attract the tourists to Dubai but one of them is palm Jumeirah because of its interesting and amazing construction and shape.

Final words

After visiting Dubai city you need to tour the above two attractive points ‘Deep Dive Dubai’ and ‘palm Jumeirah’. These two places are unique in their ways so don’t miss them. If you don’t have a car service don’t worry Dubai exotic car rental will help you and provide the service for you.



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