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Top Five Property Management Software for Investors In 2022

Property management software is software made to help real estate agents or realtors manage properties. This software also helps real estate agents communicate with their clients by allowing them to send emails, messages, and contracts through it. This makes communication both easier and more efficient. It also helps the realtor save time and money and provides greater access to other relevant portals. Hence property management software allows the real estate agent to keep everything organized and under control. All realtors are advised to use this software. Here are the top five property management software for investors in 2022. You might also want to know about Lahore Smart City.

Tenant Cloud

Tenant cloud has an app that can be used anywhere. It is a high listed software and has gotten great reviews by well-known companies, including the Better Business Bureau. Compared to other companies, tenant cloud is extremely affordable and offers several services without charge. Therefore, it stands as one of the best property management software, especially for new investors and real estate agents. It is easy to use, and you do not need to be a computer genius to know how to operate it. Also, you can use the excel spreadsheet for real estate agents that keep all of your property expenses and income data in one safe, verifiable place.


Buildium is another well-known property management software and is especially famous among people dealing with residential properties. It specializes in student housing and other affordable properties. It provides several facilities to its users and allows them to collect rent and look over maintenance appeals. Buildium gives its clients three options, premium, growth, and essential, which differ in prices and facilities. As an investor, you can choose the suitable option for you. Buildium has an app that can be used on your mobile phone and allows users to benefit from their free trial.

MRI Real estate software

This software company was founded in 1969 and was initially called Qube Global software. This company has existed for almost half a century and has made its name worldwide. MRI real estate software was specially made for investors and managers and had 10,000 users from all around the globe. It includes contacting clients, billing, insurance, and maintenance management. Facilities provided by MRI real estate software have been applauded. Several real estate giants such as Standard Life, Hammerson, and Aberdeen Asset Management are being used. Invest in top housing society Rudn Enclave.


Propertyware is extremely popular among investors looking for single-family homes. The most attractive feature of this software is that it allows you to select the services you want and charge a price accordingly. This way, you will not be paying for services that you will never need. It currently has more than 250 homes listed on this software. Propertyware can be used alongside other real estate sites hence providing convenience to the investor. Furthermore, this software also helps real estate agents or investors find tenants for their properties. It is one of the most used property management software due to its facilities and affordable prices.


Appfolio is property management software founded in 2006 and started in Goleta in California. This software is considered the perfect solution for all real estate-related management problems. It consists of several accounting, rental management, maintenance, and billing features. This software stands out because it provides tips and training to investors to help them grow their businesses. Appfolio is probably the best when it comes to property management. It has received an award for having the best customer service and has regular sessions to keep investors updated with the latest methods. Thus, Appfolio offers a lot more than other property management software companies at the same price. invest in 1947 Housing to get directly plot number.


All the property management software companies listed above can be trusted as they have proved their worth. They have been used by reputable real estate companies and have received favorable reviews from all. However, you must do your study to determine which company is best suited for you.

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