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Top 6 Pirate Mirror Websites or Substitutes in 2021

If you are searching for the Pirate Mirror Websites, you may already know that the pirate bay sometimes doesn’t work or open. People use this website to search and download games movies shows and other famous entertainment media files. This article will describe the six most prominent alternate pirate mirror websites of 2021.

No doubt that the pirate bay is amongst the most popular torrenting platform around the world. It has been providing torrents for several years, so it is also trustworthy.

6 Unlocked Pirate Mirror Websites


THEPIRATE-BAY3.ORG is an active pirate mirror website in 2021 that you can access right now whenever the main domain is down. Please copy this mirror URL and save it to your browser’s bookmark. This will let you access it whenever you want to open it without its official URL. As you can see, this pirate proxy website is quite complex, so it can’t be easily tracked or blocked. Even though it is a proxy URL, you should still use a VPN service to protect your identity and online torrenting activities.


Another good Pirate Bay alternate URL is piratebay-proxies.com. It is a very unique mirror link that is not yet identified by the authorities, so it is quite safe. Just open your internet browser and input the piratebay-proxies.com URL into the web address box. This address will open smoothly even without proxy protection, but you should still use a different proxy network to hide your online business. If you try to use it without any shield and with your original IP address, the officials will track your online unusual actions. They will charge the whole URL just for your mistake.


If the above pirate proxy mirror links are not working, you can use THEPIRATEBAY.APP. It is currently one of the most exotic and unfamiliar mirror websites for the pirate bay. So it will work even though if other alternate links don’t. First, enable your proxy protection and make sure to change your IP address, and then you can visit this website without any security issues. Be careful while surfing this URL as if you enter it incorrectly, you may accidentally land on a different insecure website. Please make sure you have a good firewall connection on your computer to protect against cybercrimes. This becomes even more crucial when you surf torrents since they are mostly malicious.


THEPIRATEBAYS.COM.SE is a precious gem as it remains working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Furthermore, it is still novel for most of the users, so the chances of getting prevented are very minimal. You should not share it with those who don’t use proper IP protection while visiting these sites. Remember even your mere mistakes while opening this URL can expose it to the authorities.


If you wish to download the latest movies and video games using torrenting, please hide your IP address and visit pirate-bay-proxy.org. This website will let you access the official pirate bay website without getting observed by other users. If you have other free movie or video game downloading websites available, you better use them instead of it. There are many tons of other free video games, music, and movies platforms that you can access.


THEPIRATEBAY.CX is the final pirate mirror website accessible in 2021. In case all other pirate bay proxy websites don’t work, you can rely on it. This domain is quite unpopular and underrated. You should give it a try and save it to your favorite websites. If you are using it on the Chrome browser, it would be better to install a VPN extension and then access it. Using the pirate bay mirror webpages without hiding your virtual address can be very dangerous. So please remember while using such items on your computer.

Thank you for reading this complete article and we hope it was helpful. We are happy to share these mirror links with you.



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