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Top 5 Cybercrime Mitigation and Ransomware Recovery Strategies 

Ransomware has always been a major enterprise threat and they are now taking down organizations left and right every other day. This new wave of cybercrimes is making cybersecurity professionals do an extra bit to protect organizations. And only the best business security systems have succeeded so far against this menace of ransomware. But for organizations, that have not taken this malware seriously, are going to land in serious trouble. Therefore, they must install an invincible cyber protection and ransomware recovery strategy in their organization.

In recent research, it is expected that this year ransomware attacks will take place every 11th second. Also, the global damages will reach $6 trillion in 2022, which is 57x more than it was in 2015. All organizations, irrespective of their sizes, are working with critical data, which makes them high-value targets for cybercriminals. A ransomware attack can cripple a business with critical application downtime, loss of revenue, loss of potential customers, loss of reputation, and loss of data. Continue reading and this blog will guide you on some very effective data protection and recovery strategies for your business.

What is Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware attacks are malware/Virus attacks that can encrypt your data or lock your systems. And once any of these two incidents happen, the ransomware operators demand payment in ransom to unlock your data and allow you to access your systems again. Because digital currency is anonymous and less traceable, cybercriminals often ask for ransom in cryptocurrency. And if you don’t pay them their demanded sum of dollars, they will either destroy your data or sell it to your competitors.

On the other hand, if you pay them the demanded ransom, they sometimes don’t fulfill their part of the bargain and just run away with the money. And in other cases, they provide you with a decryption key with which you can recover all your files.

Tips to Follow for Data Protection and Ransomware Recovery:

Following are the strategies that if you follow, you can make your business indomitable for all sorts of cyber-attacks,

Always Keep Backups of Your Data:

Recovering from backups is the quickest way of ending the ransomware attack. Therefore, you must implement a backup plan for your organization. A backup is a copy of your sensitive data and systems that can be restored. It provides you with access to your critical systems in the event of an incident. Keeping backups is not enough; you must secure these backups and test them regularly. This is because, in the event of an attack, ransomware operators also try to destroy your backups too.

And if you have not kept your backups online or your backups are offsite, your data will remain safe from all sorts of cyber-attacks. Besides securing your backup data, test them regularly. This is because the only workable backup can help you in the event of misfortune.

Practice the Principle of Least Privilege:

Although monitoring and filtering the activities of all of your employees is a good way to avoid any error, yet managing and monitoring user accounts access by applying the principle of least privilege is an even better solution. Provide employees with access to only those functions and privileges that they actually require to complete their tasks. Furthermore, you must restrict administrative privileges for all actions that need elevated access rights and permissions. Following this strategy is the best malware protection for business.

Keep Your Systems and Software Applications Updated Always:

Ransomware operators are always after the vulnerabilities and these unguarded gates can only be closed if you keep your systems and software applications updated. Therefore, check for updates and patches to repair known bugs and vulnerabilities in your software, firmware, and operating systems.

Set up and Install Security Tools:

You must ensure to have a reliable anti-virus solution and a firewall on all of your systems. These solutions will not only ward off unwanted malware but will detect malicious activity at an earlier stage. Furthermore, these solutions will also block out malicious websites and filter harmful content. You can have an email authentication and reporting system that helps to protect your organization’s domains from spoofing, phishing, and other malicious activities.

Seek Assistance of Business Security Systems:

Professional cyber security assistance will help you in not only data protection but in ransomware recovery too. Therefore, engaging with a cyber security professional early will enable you to recover your systems and data more quickly than relying on your internal IT staff when facing a cyber incident. But when choosing a cyber security provider, choose the best malware protection for business to actually secure your data and systems



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