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Top 4 Benefits of Full-Arch Dental Implants

Full-arch dental implants are perfect for when you have several missing or damaged teeth that need to be replaced. These types of implants are fixed to your jawbone, thus making them better than removable dentures. There are so many benefits to getting full-arch implants. These include;

1.  Comfort

Losing teeth can be quite traumatizing. Finding a fix that will give you the feel and look of your natural teeth will give you great relief. Since it is not as invasive as other dental implant procedures, it is comfortable. The material used to make these implants mimics natural teeth in functionality and look. Zirconium is a non-metal option of material used in implants that has a natural look. Compared to getting dentures, full-arch implants are much more comfortable to have, making it easier to chew and smile.

2.  Jaw Strength and Healing

Missing teeth can cause a loss in jawbone strength due to degradation of the gum where the teeth used to be. Whether the implant specialist uses titanium or zirconium implants, you get the advantage of a stronger jawline. Losing your teeth can change your face in a way that there are warps where the teeth originally were. This is because our jawbones and teeth define our faces. Full arch dental procedures will help restore a youthful appearance to your face. You can continue your normal activities as you did when none of your teeth were missing. After you have the dental implant procedure done, you will need time to heal. The implants used are screw-like metals placed in the jawbone to provide a base for placing the crown.

This is a fairly easy procedure done under local anesthesia. The dentist will do some tests to see if you will need a bone graft or not. The dental implantation specialist will make a series of incisions where the teeth are missing and place the implants. Osseointegration is the process where the bone and the implant fuse. The process usually takes six to eight weeks and is crucial for a successful dental implant. This procedure is quick and relatively painless but gives excellent results. On the plus side, your new set of teeth is resistant to infections meaning you can say goodbye to toothaches.

3.  Cost

Dental implants offer a lifeline to many people who have lost their teeth through an accident, age, or sickness. However, it can be a costly affair. When you get full-arch implants, you end up saving money in the long run. If you exercise proper tooth care, the implants can last a lifetime. The other common fix for missing teeth is dentures which only give you about ten to fifteen years before replacing them again. Your insurance can cover some of the costs related to implants, thus reducing the overall amount you need to get your new teeth. Full-arch implants are done once, so it saves you time and money you would have spent having one tooth replaced at a time. For the most part, dentures are bound to fail, which will require you to get implants. Apart from checkups now and then, full-arch implants significantly reduce the time you spend at the dentist’s office.

4.  Freedom

What makes life more enjoyable is the freedom to make your own choices. This freedom can be curtailed when you lose your teeth. If your teeth are missing, it will be hard for you to eat anything you want. No one wants to eat applesauce and mushy peas all the time. Sometimes, you want to bite an apple without worry. With full-arch dental implants, this is certainly possible. As there are no adhesives used, you can get the actual taste of food and drinks. You get your confidence back because the teeth will not fall from your mouth as you talk or eat. You will talk and smile as you normally did with your original teeth.

Losing your teeth can affect you in so many ways. This includes socially, emotionally, and financially. As discussed above, there are remedies to help you live a normal and productive life again. The full-arch dental replacement has fewer restrictions on who qualifies for the procedure, making it suitable for most people. So, book an appointment with a dental implant specialist for a happier, healthier you.



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