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Tips For Generating Profits From Spare Parts And Accessories

The after-sales department frequently provides a significant contribution to income in the event of investment-intensive items. However, competition never sleeps, and the war for clients is vital in the spare parts market, such as Pierburg parts. What can you do if your spare part and service sales are stagnant? Check out these pointers on how to grow your parts company and aftermarket sales:

For The Sale Of Services, Create A-Team.

The marketing and delivery of replacement equipment and components are frequently overlooked. However, there is a lot of room to grow your business in the aftermarket industry. Examine your organizational structure and determine which levers you can manipulate. Consider your consumer base: Is it common for your clients to have their service team? What is the price sensitivity of your customers? How many of your clients have already signed up for maintenance? Depending on your findings, you may want to form your sales force or provide incentives for your current sales department to offer services and parts.

Use Service Technicians To Boost Sales

Your service professionals have additional sales possibilities. They frequently have an excellent understanding of the economic situation and a high level of client acceptability as a result of their professional skill. It may be beneficial to establish a proper incentive plan in this case. However, there is a narrow line between the service technician’s actual job and the marketing of maintenance contracts and extra services.

Verify that neither of your service personnel visits a client without bringing information material regarding your services and components, such as brochures, leaflets, or digital data on a tablet. It gives the appropriate direction when it’s needed and aids in on-site talks. Consider providing seminars and instruction for your service professionals on customer service and sales marketing. They will be successful in identifying needs and sales possibilities due to this training. It is not necessary to teach your service professionals to be full-fledged salespeople. They might, however, become brand advocates who persuade via their expertise.

Check Your Prices Regularly

Due to the relatively large margins, the selling of automotive parts such as Pierburg parts is a profitable venture for many vehicles and motor manufacturers. Regrettably, it’s also an extremely competitive one. As a result, you should regularly review and change your costs for spare and wear components and services and maintenance. Experience and market data, which might differ by industry, should also be considered. Customers usually keep a close eye on the components that are often sold. A price rise should be phased in rather than implemented all at once. It may be easier to apply the price increase for components sold less often.

Overall, the customer should be able to understand and understand your pricing. If that’s not the situation, dissatisfaction and misunderstanding can rapidly ensue. Check whether your current pay rate is still adequate for your service charges. If the product is of comparable excellent quality and competitive pricing, a higher price might make your services look more desirable.


To summarize, the aftermarket sector for parts such as Pierburg parts has numerous levers that might lead to increased sales. However, these levers differ from business to company. But remember, positive customer experience and the development of long-term client relationships will help you in raising your aftermarket sales.



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