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Tips for choosing the right wedding invitations

After the marriage proposal and the choice of outfits for the bride and groom, one of the most important steps is the design of the wedding invitations. Should one or more invitation cards be provided? Rather traditional or completely original? In the middle of the countless possibilities, it is quickly easy to be completely lost in the choice of your wedding invitation. I give you 6 tips for choosing your must-have invitation card correctly.

Agree on the theme of the wedding

Whether you decide to keep traditional floral wedding invites or do it on the theme of romance, travel, or even the countryside, you have to use it as a common thread from start to finish. No specific topic? It does not matter, rather orient yourself towards a color palette. Pastel is all the rage right now. Either way, your wedding invitation should let your guests know the mood and style of your day.

What about the form of the announcement?

For a traditional announcement, you can stay on a rectangular or square choice. But if you want a more original invitation card, that’s also possible. Imagine it perhaps in a paper casserole, for a real return to childhood. Otherwise embroidered, for a romantic and refined side. In the form of a card game, a puzzle, or even an astral map, … and yes, for D-Day, absolutely all your desires are achievable. Even the craziest.

Focus on paper quality

The choice of paper and its quality will make all the difference. For a refined wedding invitation, I recommend card stock. There are some with textured grains, others with a smooth or shiny appearance. But the choice does not stop there. Kraft paper, tracing, or iridescent paper. Metallic or recycled paper. The possibilities are immense so take the time to analyze them. The higher the weight of the paper, the more chic and qualitative it will be. And it will have to be to resist its postal journey and multiple manipulations.

Honey, what do we write on the announcement?

Perhaps the hardest step in designing your wedding invitation is writing the text. A real headache. My advice: don’t overdo it and keep it simple. Above all, your text must be clear. Among the elements not to forget on your invitation card: your first and last names, and that of your parents if necessary; the date of the marriage; the time and place of the ceremony and/or reception; your contact details or those of your wedding invite planner for the management of responses.

One or more invitation cards?

If you invite some of your guests to your entire D-day, perhaps you invite others only to the ceremony, or even to the reception. In this case, it will be necessary to provide different invitation cards for each situation.

You can opt for a card dedicated to the ceremony, with your first and last names, the planned address, and the schedule. Then one or more others for the different times of D-Day. To slip into the right envelopes, of course. If you plan to have a Day After or a brunch the next day, you can also create an additional invitation.

Be careful though, the more cardboard you have, the heavier the envelope will be. And level stamp budget, it may be in danger of flaming. So be sure to weigh everything before sending!

Give them all the information

After visiting the place three to four times and preparing the room, you know the place by heart. But this is far from being the case for your guests, especially if they come from far away. So in addition to the classic information to note on your announcement, don’t forget these little details that are ultimately not. Imagine another card with an access map to the reception area, the program for the day hour by hour. Or a list of nearby accommodation. This will simplify the life of your guests. You can also share with them the theme of the wedding or the dress code to respect if there is one.



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