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The Technological Era of Online Document Verification

As the world is moving towards digitization leading to a surge of smartphone usage, consumers are moving forward to an online document verification system. Rather than going through a long manual procedure of verifying the documents, most people prefer to do it digitally. Through this feature, the authenticity of documents is checked in a more secure manner while ensuring identity fraud protection in real-time.

The concept of how to verify documents online

Document verification is a process in which documents are verified for the authentication of identity. These documents can range from passports, government IDs, driving licenses, bank documents, and much more. In the past, people used to visit offices in person in order to verify their documents while authenticating them with a signature, stamp, or watermark. With the uprising of the technological aspect, the need for physically coming to the workplace for document verification has reduced and changed the dynamics towards a digital side. 

Making work easy with consuming less time

Nowadays, the users don’t want to spend hours simply verifying a single document, they want efficient work with a higher level of accuracy in less time. This could be done through the process of online verification. It works on the principle where a customer holds up the document in front of a webcam or a smartphone in order for the system to scan and extract information. After this, the document’s authentication is checked and finally, the result is generated that either the client is verified or has an unverified identity. 

The image of a document goes through an automated system that is put through hundreds of validation checks which presents the results in seconds as compared to the face-to-face verification which can take a lot of time and labor to generate accurate results. Moreover, not only do the users feel inconvenient with this manual procedure, there are more chances of errors as human beings are prone to mistakes.

Get documents verified anytime for a better customer experience 

No matter wherever the user might be in any part of the world if they have a camera supporting device and an internet connection, they can get their documents verified. A financial-based company can take advantage of online transaction purposes as well as open a bank account by providing documents digitally for verification through their websites or application if available. In order to deliver a fast, better online customer experience while also establishing trust and linking new customers, the best combination of technologies lies with online document verification services and face detection systems. 

Levels of online document verification

In order to make the online documents verification process a success, the documents are gone through a series of levels for precise results.

  1. Analysis of the text: Identity cards can vary from country to country with their security patterns such as logos, watermarks, holograms, and much more. The correct usage of font is also checked. Even if the picture is blurry, a great document verification system will ignore, separate them and proceed with the verification accordingly.
  2. Comparing the ID information: The personal information of the client present on the ID card, generally stored in a bar code or a machine-readable chip is compared with the information displayed on the document to test whether both of the data are in compliance with each other or not.
  3. Facial recognition comparisons: The next level allows the user to take up a selfie after which it is compared with the ID photo. If the physiological features of the images are matched then it is likely to terminate the client having a genuine identity.

Wrapping it up

With the use of a documents verification company in hand, the users feel more convenient with their digital interactions. Saving up their time, providing cut-costs, keeping the fake Id rate as low as possible comes under the benefits the online document verification system can provide to its consumers. No matter how powerful this tool is, it has its own drawbacks and is not completely foolproof. Just like every technology identity document verification has its own merits and trusting upon one single method to verify identities can sometimes prove to be dangerous. From analyzing the ID documents and providing ease and security to its users, all could be done right with document verification services. Eradicating the issue of fraud and identity theft, which is rapidly growing in the world, can be reduced with an online document verification solution



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