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The Most Famous Omega Watches & Their Nicknames 

Love them or hate them. The most famous watches often earn nicknames as a reference to their characteristics—e.g. size, color, or shape. In other cases, they are attributed to well-known celebrities or iconic characters in movies. 

Being one of the world’s most reputable Swiss luxury brands, it’s not surprising that this phenomenon is widespread across watches from Omega. It may seem odd that watches with names like Speedmaster, Submariner, and Daytona pick up monikers too, but they do. 

From Speedy to Jumbo, Moonwatch, and Darth Vader, get to know the most famous Omega watches as we give a rundown of their nicknames. 

Omega: Brief History & The Most Famous Omega Watch Nicknames 

With roots that date back to 1989, Omega has established a reputation for being an industry leader that delivers groundbreaking technologies and cutting-edge materials to the world of watchmaking. Throughout its long illustrious history, it has forged several sponsorships, partnerships, and brand ambassador deals that brought the brand to further success. 

Omega has a global fan base of serious collectors, who, in return, get to avail themselves of watches that are built to survive even in the most extreme environments imaginable. 

  • Speedy 

Speedy refers to any Omega Speedmaster Chronographthe brand’s first line of chronographs released in 1957. Banking on its success, Omega released many different chronograph movements under the Speedmaster name, which include analog-digital and automatic mechanical watches.

  • Speedy Tuesday 

If you’re a fan of the Speedmaster, you are most likely to be familiar with Speedy Tuesday, too. This limited-edition watch was inspired by the hashtag created by Fratello Watches founder Robert-Jan Broer in 2012 when he posted his Speedy on a Tuesday. The hashtag has since been adopted on a global scale as a way for Speedmaster owners to celebrate the brand’s hero model every second day of the week. 

  • Jumbo 

The 1940s was a time when the average wristwatch measured about 32mm-34mm in diameter. It’s why when Omega released the ref. 2505, a Calatrava-style dress watch with a 38mm case, was a real giant for the era. Eventually, other similarly proportioned Omega watches followed and these vintage watches collectively earned the nickname Jumbo. These watches aged beautifully and have become one of the most collectible pieces today. 

  • FOIS 

In 1962, NASA Astronaut Walter “Wally” Schirra wore an Omega Speedmaster ref. CK 2998 during the Sigma 7 space mission. This referred to the First Omega in Space (FOIS). Several years later, the historically important model inspired a new line of Speedmaster models. First introduced in 2012, the FOIS is a manually-wound chronograph that looks both nostalgic and new. It was relatively affordable by Omega standards. The brand has since been regularly releasing special edition FOIS watches in honor of the 1962 model. 

  • Admiralty 

This nickname refers to the vintage Omega watches released in the 60s and 70s that sport an anchor logo on the dial. Probably some of the most iconic Admiralty models are the Ref. 135.015, which is distinguished for its smooth bezel, and the Ref. 166.054 with its rotating bezel. Both are marketed as light diving watches with a 30m water resistance. Overall, they integrate the look of a tool watch with an aesthetic design, resulting in an entry-level sports watch that looks elegant on the wrist. 

  • Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader 

Sometime in the 1970s, Omega unveiled the Seamaster Chronograph Ref. 145.0023. It featured a squashed tonneau-shaped case that is 15mm thick and is released in two stainless steel models: one with a light Tungsten finish and another with an all-black finish. These two were respectively named Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader by the late Chuck Maddox, a well-known chronograph collectorand fittingly so. The case resembles a helmet and is equipped with two-piece construction, reminiscent of the armor the villainous Sith Lord wore. Today, the Vader is regarded as an ultra-rare reference that you would hardly see for sale. 

  • Rising Sun 

Being an official timekeeper of the Olympics, Omega creates watches exclusive for international sporting events. Among the latest are the five new Speedmasters models released for the 2020 Olympics and one of them was given the nickname, the Rising Sun due to its similarity to the Japanese flag. Sure, while the white is replaced in favor of gray and red with a more of a burgundy shade, it aligns perfectly with the flag of this year’s host country. 


There are plenty of other nicknames given to the most famous Omega watches. These have made it easier to set them apart from one another. The list could go on, but one certain thing is that with or without a moniker, all Omega watches remain consistent with the tradition of Swiss watchmaking and the reputation it’s known for high-quality manufacturing, elegant design, advanced functionality, accuracy, and precision. 




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