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Spoiler On Discord: How To Use It?

There is no denying the fact that discord is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as communities that share similar interests. Discord is a virtual paradise for chatting, discussing, and sharing your fun conversations. There are also instances wherein you may accidentally send messages that are not intended for everyone to see.

 You might have a panic attack if you find yourself in such a situation. Do not, however, give up hope for the moment! If you want to attain more information about discord spoiler image mobile then continue reading this blog attentively.

This is where Discord’s spoiler tags come into play, saving the day. This allows you to warn other Discord users about information they might not be ready for. It is possible to hide or block the content of Discord spoiler text and images by enabling the spoiler tag Discord feature. There is no spoiler tag option for Discord videos, however. In addition, this feature does not delete messages from Discord. With this Discord spoiler tag, users can limit who can see their content. The blackout message must be clicked in order to view the spoiler images and text content.

Text and images can both be hidden. As a great communication app, Discord allows users to illustrate text with images, gifs, and emojis. Users can create unique effects by utilising different markdown features. It was only recently that the Discord spoiler tag was added to the great markdown feature in Discord. It is necessary to format your mobile Discord app for Android, iPhone, and browser, as well as your Mac or Windows Discord app, in order to receive spoiler tag messages. Discord spoiler image mobile can be learned by reading this blog.

How to use Discord spoiler tags?

Thanks to Discord’s newest updated addition that adding spoiler tags is quite easier than ever now.

Let’s see how you can add spoiler tags to messages on Discord.

The easiest method to mark your text as a ‘Spoiler’ is by highlighting that text. Once you have typed a message, before sending it, you can highlight the text and right-click on that section. An option to add a spoiler tag will be displayed on your screen. You need to click on the ‘Mark as spoiler’ option. This will mark that portion of the particular text as a spoiler.

How do I use Discord’s spoiler tags? –

Add spoiler tags is now easier than ever thanks to Discord’s latest update.

You can add spoiler tags to messages in Discord by following these steps.

In order to mark your text as “spoiler”, simply highlight it. Before sending a message, you can highlight a section of text and right-click on it to select it. Your screen will display an option to add a spoiler tag. Select the “Mark as spoiler” checkbox. As a result, that portion of the text will be marked as a spoiler.You can also dig deep into the concept of discord spoiler image mobile after reading this blog.

On both sides of the selected text, you will see two vertical piped bars. A user can only see the text after clicking on it. An alternative method is to start your message with “/spoiler”. Users who type “/spoiler” in a Discord chat server will have their messages hidden until they decide to click on them and read them. A spoiler link can be marked by adding two bars to the front and back of the URL.

You can also add a spoiler tag to an image. Drop your file into the Discord server chat and then click the ‘Eye’ icon next to the chat bar.

A preview of your attached file will appear on your screen before it is sent and shared in the chat with other users (If you are using Discord on a desktop or laptop, you will need to drag and drop your file into the server chat or click the ‘Plus sign next to the chat bar.) Once you have reviewed your attached file, select the ‘Mark as Spoiler’ option in the checkbox to hibernate.Get all possible information about discord spoiler image mobile after reading this blog.

The image or file will appear in Discord behind the spoiler tag once it has been sent. Users can view and examine the file by simply tapping on the ‘Spoiler’ button. The spoiler tag is removed from the image, and the image or file is displayed normally.

Wrapping up

We truly hope that this blog has helped you a lot in understanding the true meaning of the topic. We would highly advise you to read it with utmost concentration in hand.



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