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Sold Out Solutions: What DVC Resorts Are Sold Out?

With over 250,000 members worldwide, it’s hard to believe Disney Vacation Club hasn’t run out of points to sell yet. The fact is, they almost have.

Disney opened their latest resort, The Riviera, in 2019, but there are only a few other resorts where you can still buy points directly from DVC. 

Find out which DVC resorts are already sold out and where you can get hold of a timeshare interest at these prestigious properties. 

What Does Sold Out Mean?

With a conventional timeshare, each owner in the scheme is directly linked to a week at a resort.

Although DVC sells points instead of weeks, it’s still a timeshare product. That means each point must correspond with available space at a resort.

So, each resort has 52 weeks and if each apartment in a week has a value of 10 points, DVC can only sell 520 points worth of memberships per apartment. 

Naturally, some Disney DVC resorts are more popular than others, with more members choosing these as their home resorts. Some of these resorts sell faster due to price, while in other cases desirability affects the demand.

Once DVC has sold the complete points allocation for a resort, that resort is ‘sold-out’ i.e. DVC can’t sell any more points linked to that resort. 

Often, as resorts approach capacity, DVC raises the prices on those points due to the simple laws of supply and demand. 

Can You Still Buy Points in Sold-Out DVC Resorts?

Since DVC has the first option to buy any memberships offered for resale, they do still sell points at sold-out resorts. You’ll have to pay a premium for these points and wait until the club secures a resale week to match your request.

At the beginning of 2022, DVC controversially increased their price by $15 to $20 per point at four sold-out resorts, namely:

  • Beach Club Villas
  • BoardWalk Villas
  • Hilton Head
  • Vero Beach

This put these resorts out of the league of most new members. 

Currently, almost all the DVC resorts have sold out or are nearing capacity. The club currently only actively markets Copper Creek Villas & Cabins at Wilderness Lodge, Polynesian Villas & Bungalows, and Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa.

In truth, Disney rarely buys back resale weeks, and that provides prospective members with a much cheaper way to access membership.

Buying Sold Out Resorts Via Resale

When Disney foregoes their First Right of Refusal, members are free to sell their weeks however they please. Most opt to work with a resale broker to expedite the sale, though.

That means you’ll find most DVC resorts on offer from resale brokers, giving you easy access to sold-out resorts without the elevated prices. 

It’s much easier to find the best DVC resort for your needs among these DVC resale listings than by approaching DVC directly. 

Find Your Happy Place

DVC Resorts offer something for everybody, whether you hanker for delightful tropical beaches, unique natural destinations, or thrilling amusement parks.

There’s no best DVC resort for family vacations since they all place a high priority on creating family-friendly experiences. So whichever resort you choose and no matter where you buy it from, you’re in for years of enjoyable vacations.

Would you like to search a little further afield for your perfect getaway? Browse our blog for more travel inspiration.

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