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Significant Advantages of a Solar Pool Skimmer

It has become more important than ever before that your home is receiving the best quality care with top-tier green products. There has been major resistance to fossil fuels in recent years, and this has helped to spur a revolution amongst consumers who demand that the products they utilize are energy efficient. This has become more important than ever before in 2022, and one of the most widely utilized amenities where this is evident is within pools. Having a pool can be an energy drain on your home; however, when utilizing the right tools, you will be able to more effectively keep your pool green. One of the most important of these tools is a solar pool skimmer, as it will help to ensure that your pool is always clean and will also help to keep your energy usage green! When looking to lower your carbon footprint for your pool a skimmer that utilizes solar energy will be extremely pertinent. Before you invest in this type of pool cleaner for your home, it is imperative that you learn about the most important facets and learn why it will be such a great purchase for your home. 

Green Products are Becoming More Important 

Green products have grown immensely in popularity in recent years, especially those who own pools. Because pools can be large energy consumers, it is important that you still look for other methods to decrease your energy consumption. The best way to do this is by investing in a pool skimmer that utilizes solar energy, as it is both a great way to keep your pool clean and simultaneously contributes to clean energy usage. Not only will you be able to clean your pool in an energy-efficient way, you will also be able to decrease your energy bills, as there is nothing else to pay for once you make your initial purchase. You will also see the added benefit of your skimmer getting tangled in the wires, ensuring less maintenance. 

Other Benefits of Your Skimmer

Green benefits are an extremely important element of why you should invest in a solar pool cleaner; however, it will also give you the advantage of having an incredibly clean pool. Top skimmers will allow you to collect any dirt, debris, leaves, and other garbage from your pool and will be able to trap them and later dispose of them. This is great, as a murky pool can be a health hazard! Another major benefit is that you can run your pool skimmer at all times of the year, as solar energy can always be harnessed (even on cloudy days!) Finally, you will be able to use your skimmer in extreme weather as well, as top units can function in weather ranging from 40 to 130 degrees. 

How Well Do Automatic Skimmers Clean A Pool?

Solar automatic pool skimmers are much more expensive than your average pool cleaning net, so many people wonder whether or not they are worth it. To put it in perspective, however, high end solar pool cleaners are premium products that typically eradicate over 95% of all dirt and debris.

Beyond this, some solar pool cleaners are also equipped to automatically chlorinate your pool. By clearing the surface and chlorinating your pool, automatic pool skimmers are great for swimming pool upkeep without any additional effort.

Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Skimmers

Without a doubt, if you own a pool, then it will need to be maintained. For centuries, people have been using bags, brushes, poles, vacuums, nets, hoses and more to keep their swimming pools clean and tidy.

Today, solar robot pool skimmers have many distinct advantages and disadvantages when compared to the available alternatives.


  • Automatic Pool Cleaning, Little Upkeep Required
  • Runs on Solar Power or is Solar Charged (Free and Unlimited)
  • Saves You Money on Energy Bills
  • Prolongs the Life of Pool Filters
  • Easy To Operate, Often By Remote Control or Push of a Button to easily remove debris
  • Some Can Also Be Charged With Batteries, AC or DC Electricity


  • May Get Caught Up on Foreign Objects In and Around the Pool
  • Not Universal, Some Models Can Only Be Used in Specific Types of Pools
  • Water and Electricity Can Be Dangerous Together
  • Rarely Cleans Very Small Particles or Very Large Objects
  • Newer Products Have Not Withstood the Test of Time

Final Thoughts

Improving your pool and the environment with a solar pool cleaner is imperative to your home. Learning about the various advantages it will bring to you is essential for your pool. 



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