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Ready to Move? Here’s How to Sell Your House Fast

Selling your home is a competitive business.

There are over 600,000 homes sold in the United States every year and the trend is upward.

Unloading your home fast helps you get on with your life.

Find out here about the home selling process in this guide to how to sell your home fast.

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Why Sell Quickly?

Selling your home is hard work. It takes time, effort and increases your stress.

Moving home is one of the top life stresses along with the death of a loved one and losing a job.

Anything that can reduce the period of time it takes to sell your house is good for you.

It means less uncertainty, anxiety, and mental anguish.

That’s got to be good for your physical and mental health.

You may also want to sell your house quickly because you have other life challenges to handle.

Perhaps you have childcare or eldercare responsibilities.

Moving house allows you to minimize the impact on those you care for and allow you to establish a stable new environment for your dependents.

If you need to start a new job you may also need to change where you live.

You may need to sell your home and move to start work.

This allows you to give your new job your full, undivided attention.

Waiting to find a suitable buyer feels like your life is on hold.

You can’t get on with your life until you have let go of the old home and engage with a new home.

Moving quickly allows you to move forward with your life.

Sometimes a quick sale is important to resolve financial difficulties.

Selling your home may be a way out of these difficulties.

You need a quick sale but you need to get a fair price too.

The Home Selling Process

balance home and money

Real estate agents or listing agents can sell your home for you but these days there are other ways of selling your home.

If you engage a real estate agent they will guide you on pricing, market your home and do some of the paperwork.

The fee varies depending on your location.

You could try to sell your home yourself.

This means you will have to handle all the marketing.

This method of selling a home is known as “for sale by owner”.

Buyers may use an agent to help them find a home and negotiate a price with you.

Their commission may be paid by the buyer or you could negotiate a rate with them.

Both these home selling processes can take time. You are dependent on finding a buyer who wants your home.

Sell to an Investor

The conventional way to sell a home is through a real estate agent or “for sale by owner” but it’s not the only method.

If you want to sell a home quickly you could sell to an investor.

These home buyers will make you an offer based on the market price of your home.

They will consider the condition of your home and make an allowance for any renovations that might need to be done.

They also build in their profit margin and then make you an offer.

This is a really quick way to sell your home because there is very little paperwork, no real estate agent involvement, and no chain of buyers waiting to complete their sale.

Whatever method you choose to sell your home there are some simple things you can do to make your home attractive to a potential buyer.

Keep It Clean

woman cleaning

Keep your home clean at all times. You may not get much notice about a potential buyer coming to view your home.

Keep your home tidy and ready to view.

It’s especially important to create a good impression about your general care of your home.

If you appear to keep your kitchen, bathrooms and other areas clean a buyer is likely to believe that your home has been well cared for.

If they see dirty windows, scuffed doors, and dusty baseboards they may worry about what else has not been cared for.

Go Neutral

Your personal taste in decor may be exciting, unique and creative but that doesn’t mean it will please everybody.

Redecorate with neutral colors and simple minimalist design.

It’s not so much about exciting a potential buyer as not turning anybody off.

Remove things which are strong symbols of your identity so that a potential buyer can impose their own identity on the blank canvas.

Political or religious items should be put away.

Minimize family photography, sports or music memorabilia, and collections of any kind.

Lighten Up

window with open curtains

Let light into your home. Open curtains and shades and turn lights on if it is possible.

Showing off your home in the best light is sometimes about having the most light you can.

If you need to increase the amount of lighting in a room, bring in table lights or consider changing shades.

Soft moody lighting might be your preference for living in the house but it can look dark and dingy to a buyer.

Be Available

If you want to sell your home you have to be responsive to any potential buyer.

Be available for viewings at their convenience.

Another seller may make a sale because you were not willing to show a potential buyer around.

Better Photography

The first time a potential buyer sees your home could be by looking at an online listing.

That means they will take only a few minutes to look at the photographs of your home.

If your photos are not high impact and useful to the potential buyer they won’t take any more time to consider your property.

Having professional photography could make a big difference.

Have photographs taken of the inside and outside of your home.

Make sure they show all the features of your home that may interest a potential buyer.

Sell Your Home

handing over house key

Don’t panic if you need to sell your home quickly.

Your best home selling process may be to sell to an investor.

Take control and consider your options.



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