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Public transportation options in Lahore

Lahore has a wide variety of public transportation options, including rickshaws and taxis, bus services and metro trains.


On Ferozepur Road, rickshaws and Lahore Metrobuses share the road.

The city of Lahore, Pakistan, has a plethora of private ride-sharing apps. The second most common means of transportation in the city is a rickshaw. Since the dawn of the new millennium, much of them still used CNG as their major energy source, making them broadly accessible and easy to find.


While short-distance trips in cars or rickshaws are convenient, most residents in Lahore use the city’s centrally organized bus services every day. Two major companies provide the Transit system in Lahore:

PMA’s Lahore Metrobuses

Computerized ticketing systems are in place at Metrobus stops for the convenience of commuters. The Govt established the Punjab Mass transit Authority to oversee the province’s mass transit networks’ development, construction, operation, and maintenance. Therefore, PMA manages the whole Lahore Metrobus Service (MBS) and all of its connected feeders. After the Lahore Metrobus Service was inaugurated in February 2013, many city residents now rely on it as their major source of transportation. It’s Pakistan’s first BRT system, and it incorporates some design elements from Istanbul’s Metrobus network. In addition, Turkish professionals collaborated on the creation of the transit system. Karachi’s Green Line BRT is a similar operation under development.

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Central Metrobus Route

Over 60 buses, each 18 metres long, run the Lahore Metrobus service. There are 27 stops along a 27-kilometre route served by these vehicles. These facilities are, however, located on an above bridge. Ferozepur Road, Lahore’s main thoroughfare, connects Gajju Matah and Shahdara on the centerline.

Feeder Bus Routes

The Pakistan Motorways Authority (PMA) provides a feeder bus service in Lahore to extend the MBS’s coverage. Passengers using the Metrobus System will benefit from this initiative to make their journey more comfortable. A number of the feeder bus services also cross one other, making it easy for customers to extend their journey across town by taking two or even more bus rides simultaneously. In addition to 28 seats, the feeder vehicles are air-conditioned and include a designated area for ladies at the front.

Methods of Ticketing

Even though the first month of service was provided free of charge, there are now two ways to access the service. Adults and children alike can purchase one of these tickets. There are two ways to get a ticket:

Tokens for one-time use

For a one-way trip, these tickets can only be used once. Ticket vending machines (TVMs) are accessible at the terminal for Rs. 20 and can be purchased at the ticket desk or any self-service vending device. To enter the station, you must first tap your ticket on the entry point. You must also keep your token, as you will require to return it at the exit route.

Metrobus Cards

It’s easiest to purchase a Metrobus card, which costs roughly Rs 130 if you frequently commute around Lahore. If you decide to withdraw the card to the transportation authority at any moment, you will get your money back. Only if the card is in great functioning order is there a restriction. Charge the card up to a maximum of Rs. 1,000 for your travel expenses once you get it. It is possible to replenish the card’s amount anywhere at TVM or ticket booth. You don’t have to wait in line to purchase a ticket for every ride on the Lahore Metrobus, thanks to such a credit card-sized card.

LTC’s Local Bus Service

The Lahore Transport Company operates a wide range of high- and low-occupancy cars, waggons, and minibuses to get around the city. LOVs are frequently operated by independent contractors that hold a valid LTC permit. A seamless network of local bus services and Metrobus stations connects the entire city. Students can get a discounted fare with the LTC’s Green Card, while seniors can get a Free Bus Card. The LTC issues both cards. Its app on the Google Play Store also provides information on routes and fares. The developers of Kingdom Valley Islamabad are planning to take it to the highest standard of living.


The Lahore Rapid Mass Transit System (LRMTS), popularly known as the Lahore Metro, is actively being built. As a result, there were originally four lines: a green line, orange line; blue line; and purple line. On the other hand, Lahore Metrobus System covers the projected Green Line and is more cost-effective. The Orange Line, Pakistan’s first subway rail service, was also formally launched on October 25, 2020.

Orange Line

Lahore Metro’s Orange Line spans a range of 27 kilometres, with some sections lifted and some subterranean, and is planned to serve an average of 250,000 passengers each day.

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