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Pros and Cons of Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing combines elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing processes. Ultimately, the goal is finding the right balance to do what’s best for the author. The point is you can have the grunt work taken care of, much like in traditional publishing, but control every creative process, similarly to self-publishing.

Hybrid publishing is a way of publishing that combines the best of self-publishing and traditional publishing. The pros are that this method is less expensive, you can sell your work in person, and you get to keep all the rights. The cons are that you are responsible for all marketing without any help from a publisher or agent, you may not have an editor or publicist on board, and it is difficult to make money with this method.

Pros of Hybrid Publishing:

  1.   Less Expensive – Hybrid publishing is an affordable way for authors to get their work out there. Traditional publishing is costly and takes a long time, whereas hybrid publishing offers the same reach with less cost and time.
  2.   You can sell your work in person – Hybrid publishing is a combination of traditional and self-publishing, or publishing through a publisher and self-publishing. If you have a good relationship with a publisher, they may offer to publish your work. Alternatively, you can reach out to publishers yourself with your completed work. Publishers can help with marketing, distribution and sales which only takes the burden off of the writer’s shoulders.
  3.   You get to keep all the rights – This will allow you to walk away with your work and use it anyhow you want. You can enjoy all the creative freedom you want.

Cons of Hybrid Publishing:

  1.   You are responsible for all the marketing without any help from a publisher or agent – Since you are the one responsible for all the marketing stuff, all the struggles and work are under you and you should have a variety of connections which may help you market your book.
  2.   You may not have an editor or publicist on board – Whenever you feel you need to change something on your work, especially during joining contests which can help market your book well, all the efforts would be coming to you. Unlike having your own editor and publicist, worrying is part of your job to make a name as an author and to sell your book widely.
  3.   It is difficult to make money with this methodThe revenue source of a traditional publisher is through the sale of books (and other related materials) that they publish, while the revenue of hybrid publishers comes from both book sales and fees charged for the execution of their publishing services.

Why Rushmore Press is the Future of Hybrid Publishing

Rushmore Press is a new publishing company that has the goal to be the future of hybrid publishing. Coming from a background of both traditional and self-publishing, we understand that success in the digital age requires flexibility and innovation.

That’s why we offer our authors an opportunity to explore various publishing options such as print-on-demand, epublishing, and ebooks. We also reach out to readers by offering them different ways to experience our titles such as audiobooks, podcasts, and educational materials for classrooms.

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