DHA with our focus on a society that has a beneficial effect on people’s lives, Lahore’s interdisciplinary environment is reflected in its paradigm. DHA A reasonable system of drainage and infiltration wells have been installed throughout the city of Lahore to raise the groundwater level, making it the only inhabited location where this has been done physically.


DHA When it comes to real estate investment, Lahore is becoming a dream destination for buyers and investors. Amenities such as schools, universities, medical institutions, marketplaces, clubs, and parks can be found within every phase apart from the commercial aspect. With a specialized security team assigned to each phase, the DHA demonstrates its commitment to providing a safe livability for its tenants.

In embracing events and ongoing development on different initiatives and ventures, 2017-19 has been a significant year. The construction of the Signal Free Corridor has been the most significant achievement of this period. Penta Square, Business Hub, IVY Green (Sector Z Phase VIII), and Phase IX are all nearing completion due to the rapid pace of building. Because of its dedication to its citizens, it is obvious that DHA has opened mosques in Phases 1, VI, and VIII and the Medical Center in Phase V. As a result of these events, locals were encouraged to participate in community activities including Jashan-e-Baharan, Sports Gala, Hajj Seminar, Dog Show, and Golf Tournament.

The DHA has taken a laudable step in addressing environmental issues by planting a large number of trees as part of its Green Pakistan initiative. It’s also worth noting that DHA Lahore has long been a leader in the field of energy-saving as well as water conservation.

Increasing Value of Properties in DHA Lahore:

Originally intended for former and current military personnel, the community rapidly attracted the interest of Lahore’s upper crust, and today it is home to the vast majority of DHA’s residents. Pakistani citizens live in Lahore.

Society has grown beyond Phases IX and X because of the growing demand and land value in the DHA. So that DHA can accommodate the growing number of individuals interested in both living and investing there, the population of Pakistan continues to grow. Numerous towns and villages situated outside of Lahore’s city limits have joined the community after the first four phases of Defense’s expansion.

Properties Available for Rent in DHA Lahore:

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is among the most sought-after destinations for anyone wishing to rent a property despite containing some of the most expensive homes in the city. As DHA Lahore continues to grow, many renters find this community ideal for their housing demand, rendering properties for rent in DHA Lahore highly regarded.

Since Phase 1 and Phase 2 are primarily composed of larger houses frequently occupied by the owners, many of these 5-marla and 10-marla residences, which cater to the needs of many families wishing to reside within DHA, are located in phases besides those two. In addition, the majority of new construction in DHA Lahore has occurred in Phases 3, 4, and 5 of the development. Read more about blue world city payment plan.

The visual appeal of these phases, particularly Phases 3 and 5, is truly awe-inspiring. As compared to Phase 3 of DHA Lahore, Phase 5 boasts an underground power supply, wide roads, extensive palm tree plantation, and direct access to commercial markets in Blocks Y and Z, as well as the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Allama Iqbal International Airport via Lahore Ring Road. At DHA Lahore Phase 4, there are numerous new houses surrounded by high-end shops, restaurants, schools, and direct access to other DHA phases.

Following are some of the properties that are available for rent in different phases of DHA Lahore:

  • DHA Phase5: 1 Kanal
  • DHA Phase 6: 1 Kanal
  • DHA Phase 7, Block Y: 1 Kanal
  • DHA Phase 1: 1 Kanal
  • DHA Phase 9 Town, Block D: 5 Marla
  • DHA Phase 5, Block L: 10 Marla
  • DHA Phase 1, Block L: 1 Kanal
  • DHA Phase 3: 1 Kanal
  • DHA Phase 6, Block K: 1 Kanal

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Bottom Line:

Finding a place to live, negotiating the rent, and dealing with landlords are all part of being a tenant, and you may have to move every few years. While in DHA, renting a home In Lahore, you’ll find a safe, well-maintained neighborhood that’s filled with top-notch recreational facilities and has all of the necessities you’ll need to live comfortably without having to drive far from your home.

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