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Pilates Instructors: How to Choose the Best One for You

At least 11 million people across the United States practice Pilates and there are over 14,000 Pilates instructors. If you want to be one of the millions of people that enjoy the health benefits of Pilates, you need the right instructor.

The right instructor can make all the difference for your practice. Their guiding philosophy and hands-on approach can craft you into a capable participant, or leave you ruinously injured. Finding the best Pilates instructor is not easy.

With this comprehensive guide in hand, however, you stand a chance. Read on to learn all you can about Pilates and figure out how you can find the ultimate Sensi to lead you on your journey through Pilates.

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of strength resistance training that incorporates the use of elastic bands. It bears the name of its German inventor Joseph Pilates who invented it in the early 20th century. 

At first, Pilates was most often used as a recovery exercise for dancers. Soon other fitness buffs figured out it was great for building core strength and keeping muscles flexible as well as strong.

What Makes the Best Pilates Instructors?

The ideal Pilates instructor guides your progression through the world of Pilates. They allow you to make mistakes but know when and how to correct you. The best instructors provide positive motivation.

They should be able to communicate with you on a one-on-one basis and respond to your evolving style and needs. They should also be able to customize a workout for you based on your history and injuries.

Finding the Best Pilates Instructor Tips

Finding someone who cares about their job at all nowadays can be tough. When their job is to keep you in shape and push your limits, being caring is essential. Develop a method to weed out the bad apples.

Here’s how.

Go With a Certified Professional 

Any quack can call themselves a Pilates instructor and start providing classes. Don’t fall victim to an amateur that lacks proper certifications and qualifications. Always go to a licensed professional for Pilates.

If an instructor can’t furnish their certifications and paperwork, find someone else who can. You don’t want to mess around with your body and training routine. Find someone who is professionally qualified to work with you.

Check Customer Reviews

Word of mouth is a great strategy for finding the ideal Pilates instructor. If you have a friend that loves their Pilates program, ask them where they go. Another option is to read some online reviews. 

Think About Experience

How long has your instructor been practicing and teaching Pilates? The longer they have been in the game the more cumulative knowledge they have. Find someone who is experienced enough to handle your wellness program.

Compare Prices

Pilates classes don’t come cheap but some instructors may have competitive rates. This is especially true if you buy a bulk amount of classes or a monthly or yearly subscription. Go unlimited if you like Pilates a lot.

Put Your Pilates Workout in Good Hands

The person you trust your Pilates workout to should be a fully capable and personable human being. Don’t settle for inferior Pilates instructors as they are not worth guiding your body’s development.

Use the information in this guide to find the best possible Pilates instructor so they can help you take your workout to the next level. For other general news and information about the world around you reach out to our site again. 

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