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PC Power Up Site for Building Gaming PC

PCs are one of the most excellent gears that are present to take part in games, we recognize it well. Therefore, that it is one of the ideal choices for numerous gamers while we talk about gaming, even over comfort. In addition to that the final have hardware and software focused entirely on playing games. Here are a few aspects to think concerning PC gears that are offered on PC Power Up and these are experienced and recommended by professionals.

Storage – SSD and HDD:-

An SSD drive is very convenient. It is much faster than a conventional HDD and does not make noise. The HDD has a disk on a spindle and a laser head inside, which move and make noise in one way or another. But you shouldn’t give them up at all. SSDs are quite expensive when you recalculate the price for 1 GB. So it’s better to store your files on the HDD, and install programs, systems and games on an SSD.

For maximum speed, you can connect an M.2 SSD. Top models of this format can have read / write speeds up to 3.5 GB / s, which is 7 times the limit for regular SATA. But only top models from Samsung and Kingston have such speed.

What is the best way to allocate memory sticks?

The speed of the RAM directly depends on the number of strips. It is better to use them to close all free slots. The maximum speed increase will be provided by 4 4GB sticks, the performance will be slightly worse with two 8GB, and you certainly shouldn’t put one on 16GB.

Intel or AMD:-

Intel processors have always been a little more expensive, but were valued for their modest power consumption and high reliability. Latest models such as the Intel Core i7-9700K only use 95 watts. This stone has 8 cores with a base frequency of 3.6 GHz, which is enough for any modern game.

What is frequency and why is it needed?

Frequency is the main parameter of memory speed. The higher it is the better. DDR4 starts at 1600 MHz but if we are assembling a computer in 2021, then the initial frequency should be 2133 MHz This frequency determines the bandwidth.

For example Intel Core i7-9700K with memory up to 2666 MHz has a bandwidth = 21 328 MB / s. (Frequency x 8 (bytes)).

Graphics Card:-

The new cards from NVIDIA perform well with high-resolution screens. They have built-in CUDA kernels, useful for games with support for ray tracing – a new technology for realistic display of light.

Also, RTX series cards work great with virtual reality. Modern glasses require outstanding power. For example, HTC Vive with a total resolution of two screens 2880×1600 is more demanding than the same 2K monitor.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 is the ultimate gaming PC foundation. This card is powerful enough not to think about new things for the next 2-3 years. Until the end of this period, she will cope with any game at “ultra” settings.



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