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Music-related professions

Connect your life and work with music. If you have made such a decision, you, of course, would like to know what kind of “musical” professions exist. There are quite a lot of them, they assure in EKmixmaster studio. For some you need a diploma, for others – luck, others can be mastered, possessing only talent. Let’s look at some of them. For a musician, a special education is desirable – a music school, a conservatory. True, some especially gifted individuals manage to become musicians, and very famous ones, even without an appropriate document. However, they still have to learn – with a lot of practice and honing their skills on the instrument. Without this, to the great regret of lazy people, one cannot become a real musician.

A producer is such a peacemaker. A kind of link between authors and performers on the one hand and sound technicians on the other. The range of his tasks is very, very wide: to combine all production processes (both creative and technical), as well as deal with financial issues. Even the mood of the artist is also the concern of the producer. On the other hand, a producer (as well as a representative of the next profession) can work both with singers performing in clubs and venues, as well as in films, and in advertising, and even in the creation of video games.

One can only say about the composer’s work that it is accessible only to those who have talent. It is very difficult to write such a work that will be heard by thousands and even millions of listeners. The composer must have extensive knowledge in the field of music theory, “feel” the sounds and be able to put them together in such a way that in the end you get not a set of notes, but a melody that is pleasant to listen to.

A sound engineer, or audio engineer, is a person who, in principle, may not be able to play the piano or guitar. However, he must have an almost perfect ear and professional flair so that the works with which he has to work have a commercial sound. What does it mean? On any music label, radio station, there are certain technical requirements for tracks. This is the purity of sound, and the balance of all instruments, and much more. The audio engineer https://ekmixmaster.com is responsible for all this, who is engaged in mixing and mastering songs, making a track out of “raw” material that meets all the rotation criteria.

A music journalist is a person who is not only well versed in music, but also owns a style. He attends various musical events, listens carefully, and then he needs to give an adequate assessment of what he heard.

A musicologist deals with a variety of topics related to music in one way or another. As a rule, such a profession is in great demand at universities. The tasks of a musicologist include conducting special research, as well as writing various publications on a specific topic for magazines or websites. Music or singing teacher. For this profession, it is necessary not only to have a good command of a musical instrument or voice. It is also important to be able to present your knowledge to students in an accessible and understandable way, to interest them, to ignite a spark of creativity in them. And perhaps in someone to discern the talent of a future great musician or singer.

Music Therapist. There is, it turns out, such a profession. Music therapy has recently been very often used by physicians to stabilize the condition of restless patients. In addition, it has been proven that music has a beneficial effect on the psyche and nervous system.


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