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List of Property Standards to Consider for Rental Apartments

Before renting an apartment for yourself, you need to make sure that the property you are looking for is proper in its structure and look. There are certain standards that are a must to consider when renting. These standards are for the person renting out the apartment; it is a suitable option if the owner has met all the standards.

It is the responsibility of the owner to make major repairs to the property to meet the defined standards before renting out. These repairs could either be external and internal, but it is a must that both exterior and interior are repaired. Following are some of the areas which require repairs to meet the standards before renting out.

  • Lighting repairs
  • Damp repairs
  • Kitchen repairs
  • Ceiling and floor repairs
  • Door and window lock repairs
  • Sink and drain repairs

Dig deeper into this article to find out which property standards you must consider before renting out an apartment.

Top 6 Rental Property Standards You Must Consider

There are certain exterior and interior factors of an apartment that are a must to consider before renting. If you find the requirement for any repairs, then you must ask the owner to make those repairs so that the property you are looking for matches the given standards. These repairs must take place within the specified time.

Below is the list of standards you must take into account before renting out.


The property you are renting must be in good condition and has to be weatherproof. By weatherproof, we mean that it must not have any holes in the ceiling or there are no defects in the doors and windows to let the water rain enter the apartment. The existence of such issues and negligence of the owner in repairing these issues create great inconveniences for the tenants. For many tenants, apartments for rent in JVC are the best choice due to weatherproof and well-conditioned properties at reasonable rates.


Cleanliness is what matters the most in the property you are looking for rent. The cleanliness of a property depends on how old it is and also upon the previous tenants. It is highly important that every element of the apartment is clean. From the tracks of windows to the walls, everything needs to be wiped and cleaned. Following are some of the factors that make an apartment unclean.

  • Dusty windows
  • Stains on surfaces
  • Unweeded garden
  • Pests and insects
  • Belongings of previous tenants

Cooking facilities

One of the apartment standards is having a separate kitchen. But there are several elements that are a must to consider in the kitchen. For example, the kitchen must have all the cooking essentials such as a gas stove, oven, etc. The other kitchen essentials include a sink for doing dishes and kitchen cabinets for storing your kitchen belongings. If the apartment you are looking for lacks these basic facilities, you need to look for other options.

Electric connection and charges

Having a safe and reliable electrical connection to the house is a must and an important factor to consider. Make sure the electrical connection to your apartment is secure and has no issues with it for a safer life. Not only a safer connection has to be an important factor, but the electric billing and charges need to be discussed. If the electric meter is not shared with any other tenant, there is no big issue in identifying who will pay the electric bills. But it is a must to discuss and understand for the tenants when the electric meter is shared by two or more.

Blinds and curtains

This is not usually a big problem when considering the minimum apartment standards. But a few people would like the apartment to have curtains and blinds in every room and living area. These factors are a must to consider when renting a furnished apartment because a furnished apartment is not all about having furniture. On the other hand, if the apartment you are looking for is not furnished, you can arrange these essentials on your own if the owner does not provide any such facility.

Bedroom and bathroom condition

All of the rooms must be in good condition because you are paying for every single part of the apartment you are renting. Do not neglect the condition of bedrooms and bathrooms over other parts of the apartment. You must make sure that the walls, ceiling, door locks, lighting, and windows of every room are in good condition. Not only the bedrooms but the drainage systems and water taps in the bathroom must also work perfectly. For a perfect and well-conditioned apartment, you can consider the Jumeirah Village Circle, where you will find your dream apartment.

Make the best choice with these standards!

Do not forget to consider these standards when looking for an apartment to rent out. These standards will enable you to make the best choice for yourself. So, make sure you are considering the apartments for rent that match and meet these defined standards.



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