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Life Hacks Every Candidate Should Master While Preparing for Competitive Exams

Competitive exam preparation may demand you to put in onerous efforts. We understand that the preparation period can be boring, frustrating and tiring. If you are searching for some easy ways to prepare for the exam, then this article can work wonders for you. We have mentioned some of the life hacks that will not only help you crack the competitive exams, but also help you excel in every area of life. If you are sedulous and determined to crack the exam in the first attempt, then don’t miss reading this article. To put your hard efforts in the right direction, kindly adhere to the smart tips and tricks mentioned in this article. Never lay back when it comes to doing hard work for exam preparation. Your sincere efforts can help you secure a lucrative government job. 

Generally, graduates choose to appear for the banking exams. Are you also planning to appear for the bank exam 2021? If yes, then you can seek help from a reliable source that can offer bank coaching in Chandigarh. There are many candidates who remain oblivious of the effective ways for exam preparation. If you are amongst them, then it is advisable to follow the tips mentioned in this article. 

Here are some life hacks every candidate should master while preparing for competitive exams:

Most of the competitive exams are drawing closer and we understand you would like to give your best. To help candidates, we have mentioned some life hacks here. It can help you score high marks in the competitive exam. 

  • Make your notes with coloured pens

Writing notes with black and blue pen can be very boring. Using multiple colours can map your thought pattern allowing you to think deeper. When you use different colours, it fires up your visual memory. It can help you retain the topic for a long period of time. So, ditch the boring blue and black coloured pens while writing your notes. Here are some tips you can follow while writing notes:

  • First, read the topic meticulously.
  • Memorize the topic properly.
  • Now, write the topic in your own words.
  • Make sure you are writing notes in a simple language. Avoid using difficult words. If you are using different words, then you can explain those words. 
  • Don’t forget to highlight important terms and definitions in your notes. 
  • Keep your study space neat and tidy

You need to keep your study space neat and tidy. It is very hard to concentrate in a messy and dirty room. So, spare some time to clean your room. Also, you can use your short break to clean your room. Make sure your notes are not scattered here and there. You need to keep your notes in a systematic manner. These notes can serve you great help during the final phase of preparation. Moreover, keep every digital device away from your reach during your study hours. 

  • Hang a damp towel on the window of the room

We understand it’s not possible to study effectively in a room that feels like a sauna. Your brain is that organ that needs the energy to think and understand things properly. The biggest source of energy is glucose. The high temperature of a room can deplete the glucose level of the body. So, try to maintain the normal temperature of your room. If your room is burning with heat, then you can place a wet towel on the window of your room. It can aid in dropping the level of temperature of your room in minutes. This hack can save you from clearing your sweat every other minute. 

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  • Use Pomodoro technique

It is really hard to focus in the midst of several distractions. To improve your focus, you can use pomodoro technique. You might be thinking, how to use this technique while preparing for the exam? Follow the give steps to use pomodoro technique:

  • Select a topic to cover and keep a timer with you.
  • Set your timer upto 25 minutes, then focus on the topic till your timer rings.
  • When a session ends, mark off one pomodoro.
  • After repeating this cycle for four times, you can take a long break of at least 30 minutes.

This is a fruitful technique that can enhance your focus while preparing for the exam. Also, you will feel less bored while preparing for the competitive exam. 

  • Take help from your smartphone

Smartphones are named as ‘smart’ for a reason. Well, most of the candidates use it for using social media. If you want to taste the fruits of success in competitive exams, it is imperative to shun social media. Instead of loading your phone with social media apps, you can install some exam preparation apps. These apps can beef up your exam preparation. Moreover, you may not feel the need to join a coaching institute for exam preparation. Here is a list of apps you can install on your smartphone:

  • GradeUp
  • MakeMyExam
  • Testbook
  • Pocket Aptitude
  • Current affairs
  • Attain fluency in English language 

Note that you need not to ace the English language just for the exam. It is essential to have a good hold over this language because it can help you qualify the personal interview session. We understand that not every candidate is fluent in the English language. If you lack English speaking skills, then you can seek help from a reliable source. Also, you can choose to watch some English movies every week to attain fluency in the English language.  

  • Turn off digital devices before sleeping

We all know that sleeping for 8 hours is essential to improve your memory. But, let us tell you that sleeping for ideal hours is not enough. You need to improve the quality of your sleep as well. The best way to improve the quality of sleep is by turning off every digital device at least 1 hour before going to sleep. It can eliminate every harmful wave from your bedroom making it an ideal place for sleeping. 

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Believe us, these hacks can make your preparation period way too easy. So, start preparing for the exam by following the above-said tips and tricks




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