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Large Selection Criteria for Truck and Van Tyres

A large selection of tyres for trucks & van of various price segments, presented in the catalog of the rathdowneyquickfit online store in Ireland, allows each potential buyer to choose the best option for themselves, based on personal preferences and the planned budget. The samples available to buyers are suitable for equipping both domestic cars, vans and trucks of foreign brands.

Tyre Selection Criteria

The question of choosing the right Van tyres is much more serious than it might seem from the outside. In terms of their characteristics, Truck tyres are fundamentally different from models for cars & vans. Due to the correct selection of tyres, it is possible to optimize handling, grip quality, reduce the braking distance, that is, increase safety on the road.

In the process of choosing tyres, it is necessary to take into account:

  • The model of car
  • Requirements for tyres of the car manufacturer
  • Mileage
  • Seasonal operation
  • Operating conditions

In case of difficulties with independent selection, you can always count on support from our specialists. It is worth remembering that tyres are a guarantee of safety, so you should never choose the cheapest option.

On sale in our store are models of European & foreign brands, differing in load indices and performance characteristics. Among the market leaders, it is worth highlighting the products of Bridgestone, Hankook, Toyo tires, Nexen, and other tire giants.

You can buy truck tyres in the Tyres Centre online store with delivery in Ireland.

How To Buy Tires Inexpensively in Ireland?

Today, without using the Internet, the process of buying tyres can take a long time. Using the services of the rathdowneyquickfit Tyres Centre, you will have access to a huge range of rubber from the world’s leading manufacturers. The catalog contains summer, winter friction and studded tires, as well as all-season tyres.

An important role for any model is played by the tread pattern, which influences both the level of grip with the road surface and the performance of noise in motion.

  • For summer truck tyres, the main characteristic is the ability to maintain grip in wet weather, avoiding the appearance of the aquaplaning effect. By optimizing the pattern, it is possible not only to maintain the proper level of controllability, but also to increase the level of wear resistance. In turn, in frost, rubber hardens strongly, losing a significant part of its adhesion properties. It is important for summer tyres to introduce technologies that protect the wheel from strong impacts during high-speed driving.
  • Winter Van tyres are characterized by a more developed tread pattern, which guarantees better traction on snowy surfaces or on ice. The composition of the rubber compound is significantly softer, allowing the tires to maintain their properties in conditions of significant negative temperatures.

Using the rathdowneyquickfit Tyres Centre online store, each client will easily select the best option for himself. A convenient system of filters on the site makes it easy to select tyres of interest from a variety of models based on various search parameters.

It is enough to indicate the brand of the van and car, and the system itself will select all the available options. Further, the buyer will only have to compare the technical parameters of the rubber and its cost, choosing the most suitable option for himself.

Tyres Calculator

For each type of van, its developers determine the optimal typical tyre size, taking into account loads, ensuring safety, optimizing fuel consumption, and so on. Accordingly, the issue of changing the tire size recommended by the manufacturer must be approached as carefully and carefully as possible.

Specially to help motorists, a built-in tyre calculator is presented on the store’s website, which allows you to determine the changes that will occur to the car.

Its use will allow you to establish the degree of compatibility of new tires with the van, new parameters, and, if necessary, carry out a conversion from inch to metric length system.



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