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Keyword Research For SEO

What Are Keywords?

These are phrases or words that internet users type into search engines when looking for content. They are also referred to as SEO keywords. They form the basis of every search engine optimisation strategy, a technique your brand relies on to get higher rankings in search engine results thereby attracting more customers to the website.

The right amount of keywords on your website pages informs search engines about the type of content available so it’s easier to match internet users to the right type of content thereby increasing traffic and conversions in the long run.

What Is Keyword Research?

Keyword research involves discovering phrases and keywords internet users type into the search engines when looking for specific products, content and services. It involves the following:

  • Using digital keyword research tools to discover, analyse and compare different potential keywords.
  • Narrowing down the best keywords and phrases.
  • Using the right keywords in your search engine optimization strategy

Yes, SEO keyword research is the foundation for your digital marketing efforts. It’s integral to any SEO training and should always be the driving force behind every decision or move you make. Your brand needs to do keyword research with every new SEO campaign. If you are a start-up company looking for your target audience or an established brand re-evaluating the existing approach, you need to use keyword research. If so far reading this article has not helped you in understanding keyword research then I would recommend getting in contact with an SEO company like Leapfrog Internet Marketing which can talk you through all the ins and outs of keyword research.

If you have never done keyword research before, it’s time to learn what you need to do. It’s never too late to start. If you have been running a website for a long time, you can also take advantage of keyword targeting to promote your brand and make your marketing more effective thereby reaching your target audience effortlessly.

Why Is Keyword Research Important?

Keyword research is important because it helps you discover what your target audience is searching on the search engines when looking for your products. With proper keyword research, you should be able to understand the actual language your customers are using when looking for your services or products. Remember, the concept of what you offer might be ultimately different from yours. There is a dramatic difference between a website that invests in keyword research and one that doesn’t.

For instance, if an internet user looks for ‘yoga near me London’ a lot of high and low-ranking pages will pop up. The homepage of the highest-ranking page shows the highlighted keywords on the homepage. That’s why keyword research is very important. The highest-ranking page shows ‘yoga classes near me and the city ‘London’ in multiple ways naturally. The page also would have to contain other highly-searched phrases such as the ‘best free yoga classes in London’.

Companies with the best SEO strategies Sbxhrl  include their target keywords in the content since it notifies the search engines, they are offering the type of content that users are looking for. Take an instance of a site homepage that isn’t using an effective keyword strategy. It would rank very low for the specific keywords, regardless of their area of operation. If it is a yoga studio in London, without the right keywords on its homepage, they would never be found in the top search results.

Such lowly ranked service pages may not include the name of the city or the type of services they offer. It might also be lacking related search terms thereby performing entirely poorly in the search engine rankings. With proper keyword research, you should be able to understand the actual language your customers are using when looking for your services or products. Therefore, if you want your keywords to work for you, make sure you choose the right type of keywords that your customers are using and also use them naturally on your home pages.




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