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Important Things To Check Before Moving To An Apartment

You’ve discovered a exceptional condominium for your price variety and equipped to transport in. But before you percent your luggage and boxes and load up the shifting truck, you’ll want to do an condo walkthrough. Essentially, it’s like jogging through a domestic safety checklist; you stroll thru the condo with your landlord or condominium agent and decide if there are any troubles that need fixing before you circulate in.

These Are Some Important Things To Check Before Moving To An Apartment


Make sure that smoke detectors and hearth extinguishers are in place Right Retirement Property. Check the building’s hallways and different regions for fire protection functions.
If your condo home windows has bars, are they permitted safety gates that don’t require a key? Also make certain that each room has an operable window big sufficient to break out via. Find out what the fireplace escape plan is for the building and ensure you realize where to go

Doors and home windows

  • Make Sure to check all locks and door knobs are at ease and now not wobbly and that you may be furnished with keys for every lock.
  • Try all home windows and doorways to make certain they open and close properly.
  • Are window coverings intact? Note any missing displays. This is likewise an awesome opportunity to test for drafts.


  • Look around the lavatories and underneath and round each sink to ensure that not anything is damp or dripping.
  • Make positive that taps close off well and that all sink stops work.
  • Check the tub and sinks for missing grout or tiles.
  • Turn the shower on to check for water stress and hot water temperature. It’s essential to find out in case you proportion a hot water heater or in case your unit has its very own.
  • (This ought to have an effect on the type of bathe you’ll have inside the mornings!)


  • Test each equipment to ensure it works nicely.
  • On the stove, take a look at each burner and the oven/broiler.
  • Check the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, aircon/heating system, washer and dryer.
  • If the laundry facilities are in a commonplace area, make certain it’s far clean, shiny, well maintained and available to residents handiest.


It’s an excellent idea to carry a small equipment with you like a radio or clock to check retailers.
Turn all of the wall switches off and on to ensure they paintings well.
General circumstance
Check the ceilings to ensure there is not any water damage, and check the partitions for peeling paint or wallpaper.
Check closets, sinks and elsewhere for symptoms of rodents or bugs, consisting of droppings and chew marks.

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