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Important Considerations in the Design and Production of Step and Repeat Banners

Establishing brand awareness is the bedrock of success for businesses. Unless its target audience knows what the company offers and has a good opinion, it will not be possible for it to be successful. The logo is the most important element of the visual identity of the business. Every business goes all out to make its target audience familiar with it to build its reputation. Sponsoring events of various kinds like charity galas, sports, film, and theater premiers or other events at the community level is useful to connect with potential customers. One of the easiest and most affordable ways of getting your business noticed is getting your logo included in the banner used as the background for photo sessions, however, the banner has to be designed, printed, and set up in the right way. Some valuable tips on optimizing it:

Ensure the Size of the Backdrop and the Logos Are Optimal

How well the brand logo is seen by the people attending the event and viewing the photographs depends on a mix of variables. These include banner size, the size of the logos, the distance from which the photos are taken, and more. The most important thing is to get the width of the backdrop right because if the step and repeat banner is too small, the crowding of the people standing or sitting in front of it will hide the logos, and the purpose will be lost. Making the banner too wide will seem clumsy and make it difficult for photographers to include everyone in front of it if they leave a lot of space between themselves.

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Unless the logo is optimally sized, it will not be visible either to the audience at the venue or to the people seeing the videos and the photographs. The problem is compounded because designers have to deal with logos of multiple sponsors in the same banner. If the logo size is too big, the number of repeats will be less, and there is every chance of the logo getting blocked by the people standing in front. However, if the logo is too small, it will not be decipherable for the viewers, and the opportunity will be lost. The inclusion of too many tiny logos will tend to make the banner took messy while logos that are too large may even end up detracting from the subject of the photos.

Pay Attention to the Quality of the Print Production 

You need to use high-resolution 300 dpi logos; otherwise, you will end up with logos that look blurry and pixilated. Remember to use the proper contrast in the logo placeholder to ensure that the logos are optimally visible. Print the banner on high-quality machines on matte media so that the material does not create a glare when the camera flashes go off.


Backdrop banners with company logos are easy to design and print and can yield highly satisfactory results if you know the appropriate design principles. Getting the size of the banner and logos right, and printing with high-quality machines and fabric will invariably give results that please.



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