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How to say sorry to your wife in case of any mistake

It is easy to get frustrated if your loved girl is mad at you, especially in the engagement phase. In an Indian arranged marriage, two strangers come together to spend their life together, which is why Indian arranged marriages are different. NRI matrimonial sites in the USA have well-mannered profiles that are verified and have qualified members. Getting your girl to forgive you could be challenging, but try to put your man ego aside and make an effort as much as you can and try to be honest with it to get back in her good graces.

Start by simply apologizing, by merely saying sorry, or committing your mistake. Then, let her speak and be patient in listening to her.

  • Earning her apology: if you make her upset in the middle of a meaningful conversation or intimate dinner date, ask her if the two of you could try it again. This would show her that you are trying at your best and honestly attempting to repair the rift between the two of you. If you made her mad by making a passing comment, there is no need to repeat it or talk about it again. You may say, ”So I know I mismanaged it up last time, but I am all your now, and could we start from new”
  • Get her simple gifts or moment of love: a simple gift may resolve long rifts sometimes, like chocolates, flowers, or something she likes the most, or sometimes a couple has their unique gifts. If you are older or dating for a long time, a nice meal at your favorite restaurant could be a great way to sit down and work through any problem in a positive setting.
  • Promise never to repeat that mistake: the only way to say sorry without saying sorry is by promising your partner you will not repeat your mistake. Explain that you made a mistake, and you are not going to repeat it:
    • Never say I will try not to do it again, but instead, say I never repeat it. These simple things impress women a lot.
    • If you are going to explain your mistake or cover it, it’s not going to work or may take your fight to worse.
  • Never try to cover your mistake by pointing at her: if she gets upset over a comment or a joke, you might initially feel she is being rude. You might think that she has no frame of mind to accept her mistakes, as she is already upset with you. Please do not follow the impulse to fight back and criticize her. There is a difference in love and arranged marriage relationships, in a love marriage couple known each other for a long time is there fight, and way of fights are different, but in arranged marriage boys and girls have to take special care as they are entering into a new relationship where their parents are also involved. Many UK brides are looking for Indian grooms as they love Indian men and Indian families.


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