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How to play free fire game

Free fire game aide 2021. As all of you know, free fire is a well-known milestone game in the present time! The game has more than 500 million downloads on Google Play Store; you can figure the fame of the Free Fire game! The size of this game is likewise extremely less, because of which Android telephone clients with less smash can play this game without any problem. New version of game can be played on computer as well as mobile. But during playing the game of mobile use the best gaming mouse under 50.

Free fire game is created by 111dots Studio and distributed by Garena! Free Fire game was dispatched on 20 November 2017 for beta form just and afterward on 4 December 2017 formally dispatched for Android and iOS as well! More than fifty players in a game are dropped on a guide, and they need to kill one another.

The Player who endures the latter is known as the victor. The person who wins’ identity is given a BOOYAH! So how about we realize how to play the free fire game and how to turn into a free-fire genius player


Garena Free Fire Game is a game where you will see various modes inside a game. The complete number of modes in Garena Free Fire is given beneath, which are as per the following-


This is the default method of the Garena Free Fire Game, in which 50 players are taken to an area without a moment’s delay and dropped. Then, at that point, everybody rivals one another, and the player who gets by till the end turns into the victor.


Positioned Mode in Garena Free Fire Game isn’t entirely different from the exemplary mode, where 50 players are haphazardly moved to one of the three guides and dropped. In this mode, you can’t choose any guide without help from anyone else.

Rank push is done when players perform well in Ranked Mode. Players need to rival great and experienced players when the position is high. In Free Fire, you get a 20% more reward in Ranked Mode.


Garena Free Fire Game, just 20 individuals, battle. In this mode, the guide is minuscule, and the match closes rapidly, which saves the players time. Something extraordinary is that these modes can be played uniquely on Mondays.

Custom Rooms Nothing is distinctive in this mode; simply this component is accessible in it so you can play with your kin by making your worker. It is regularly utilized by individuals who stream the interactivity of the Garena Free Fire Game.


Talk about Garena Free Fire Modes; there are three guides accessible now, i.e., in May 2020. Free Fire Game KeSabha Map players that offer an alternate encounter. See all guide subtleties beneath.


This is the most enjoyed Free Fire Map, which all gamers like. This is becausethe plunder is effectively found in it, and the design of the Bermuda Map is very tremendous. Very much like Erangel is popular in the PUBG game. Likewise, this guide is well known in Free Fire.

There are additionally some chosen Loot Hotspot areas on Bermuda Map where you can undoubtedly land and track down the ideal inventory for yourself.

First robbery hotspot cape

This is one of the most loved spots for all players who play Free Fire. On the off chance that you play the Free Fire game, you realize this spot quite well. Cape Town is a little city on this guide with numerous structures, and every one of the structures offers a great deal of plunder.

Weapons are not discovered much in Kota Tea, however, this spot is viewed as the most loved spot among players for war. You continue to get head protectors for your insurance wherever here. Players ordinarily continue to fight on Kota after rapidly getting plunder material for themselves after arriving here. To play this game you need deposit to get credit same as in pg168.

Second loot hotspot mill zone

One such spot is found in Garena Free Fire Game. Which is situated on the mountain, and from that point, you can kill far-off foes by placing a degree in your firearm.

In Mill, you get a great deal of Sniper Rifles. With the assistance of which, you can further develop your gaming experience. If you have recently begun playing this game, you should remain somewhat away from that spot. Veteran players go to this spot and begin killing toward the start of the game and taking out their foes.



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