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How to Mark Spoilers on Discord on Android, iOS, and Desktop?

Have you ever heard of Discord Spoiler and how efficiently it is used by gamers, patron creators, and Redditors? Well, this is one of the popular chat and share media applications, widely used by the gaming industry and streaming community.

With the development of advanced softwares and tools, the digital era is swooping up each day. Thus Discord is a powerful app that is featured-rich, including spoilers. Now the point of discussion is what is that exactly means.

Here in the blog, we will be helping you with everything on Discord Spoilers, like tagging, use, high scalability, and more. So let us scroll below and deeply analysis on it.

What is Discord?

Nowadays, in the race of many smart apps, Discord stands out, as it allows users to have free voice, video, and textual chat options. More than ten million people today are hanging over it, majorly the 13+ age group. The application allows you to talk, chat and share the stuff, typically gaming to communities and friends.

Many users of Discord even talk on various topics and even share their texts, videos, images, etc., in groups they like. The available active groups and communities on the app allow every user to have the specific choice to socialize regularly.

Users have multiple pick-up options to join and share, from small and closed groups to large open communities. Thus people love to stick on Discord, as they can share their interests, hobbies, talks, and thoughts easily and instantly, adding a seamless user experience.

How To Spoiler on Discord Created and Use?

Develops of Discord make everything simple and incredibly seamless to add spoiler tags. Thus making it efficient to block any content. There are different ways one can add them in Discord. So some of the quick methods are mentioned below-

1. Add Spoiler in Discord on Computer:

The steps are specifically for desktop/computer users only.

Step 1: If you are typing or chatting, before sending it, highlight the specific content part of the message to mark as a spoiler.
Step 2: Give it a right-click and select the option of “Mark as Spoiler.”
Step 3: Just send the message.
Step 4: You can easily see that spoiler text gets hidden with a black box.

2. Alternative Add Spoiler in Discord (Desktop Users Only):

There are two more ways if you are struggling with the query of How to Add Spoiler in Discord for desktop. The two alternative methods are as follows-Way 1: Use Method Markdown Syntax: Discord Markdown is a good way, as just add text in bars “||This is Spoiler ||” and it will be shown as a spoiler text.

Way 2: Use “/” Spoiler Way in Chatbox: Simply add this “/” spoiler function before you mark any text or message as a spoiler.

3. Add Spoiler in Discord on Android and iOS:

Are you a smartphone user and want to add a Discord Spoiler, then this method is for you? The way is, of course, universal that can be used for both Android and iOS users.

Step 1: Open the chat you want to add a spoiler in the Discord application.
Step 2: Wrap or use the text you want to add spoiler in bars || Like This || and it will appear to be as Discord Spoiler easily.

4. Add Spoiler in Discord With Alternative Method (iOS Users Only):

Step 1: Go to the specific chat, highlight the text or message you needed to make a spoiler.
Step 2: Do long-press on the message.
Step 3: Select and click the option “Mark as Spoiler.”

Note: If you want to view a spoiler, then click or tap upon the spoiler box shown in black color.

How to Put a Spoiler on Images in Discord?

Do you know that you can go with Discord Spoiler Image Mobile or desktop adding? If not, then must be aware that it is surely possible but only for desktop. You can mark attachments like images or videos on devices with different operating systems and interfaces like Windows, macOS, and Linux. Now the question arises how? So let us find out below-

The Adding Images/Videos on Discord Spoiler:

Step 1: Upload the type of attachment you want for Discord Spoiler, like image or video.
Step 2: Click on tickmark as “Mark as Spoiler.”
Step 3: Twice check if it ticks marked or not before clicking on the Upload option.

Note: If you are using a smartphone for Discord, then, unfortunately, you are. As the Discord Spoiler Image for Mobile is still an unavailable feature for you. This option is precisely accessible for desktop users.

How to Turn Off Discord Spoiler Tags?

Intention to remove spoiler tag from the text or attachment; then, it is too easy and quick. All you need to go on User Settings and tap on the message/text or image/video. Now scroll a bit down on the option “Show Spoiler Content,” click on it. This will allow your hidden text or image to be displayed again. There are multiple options given, like between Always to turn off spoiler tag, so select according to your needs.

This was an article on how to use the Discord Spoiler tag to hide texts, images, and videos. You can undo and redo the tags as many times as you like. If you are about to unveil some life-changing secret on your Discord server, don’t forget to add that spoiler tag.

The Bottom Line:

If you are a regular user of the Discord application, then Spoiler is an add-on benefit. Discord Text Formatting, markdown, image hide, etc., are some highly valuable features. No matter what interface you are using, like Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, spoiler tags are quite good and useful options to keep your text or images hidden. However, images spoiler is what Discord actually is lacking in. So if you are using discord from a handy gadget like a smartphone, then a spoiler tag for image or video is not available; else, operation for desktop version only. We hope your doubts How to Add a Spoiler in Discord or remove it are clear.



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