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How To Hang Wall Prints For Flawless Display

Wall prints are one of the finest adornments for your space. Not only does it enhance the aura, but it also makes your home more appealing. However, there is one thing you should decide before getting a wall print. And that is hanging them correctly!

 Despite how beautiful wall prints you select, if the position, place, and area are not correct, it won’t render the same feel. Are you new to hanging wall prints for flawless display? If so, then check out the guide below for a detailed overview of the same.

#1 Choose the Room

The first step to hanging your amazing and trending canvas prints involves selecting a suitable space. If you bought an artwork randomly without deciding the room, it’s best to determine the space by specific features.

 Check out the color of your room and match it with the artwork. Now, we are not asking you to place the wall art in a room with a similar color. Anything that contrasts better with your artwork is good to go!

 If the wall art color is lighter in the shade, choose the room with dark wall tones. It’s not necessary to place the art pieces in your living rooms and bedrooms. You can place it in any space you want, including kitchens and bathrooms.

We would also recommend you to try the wall art in a less adorned room. Look for the walls that require revamping. Place the artwork on the wall surface and see if it enhances the room’s aura.

Also, check for a room that matches the vibe of the art. For example, if you have beach-themed artwork, get it placed in living rooms or even balconies! 

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#2 Place Your Wall Print

Positioning the art is just as important as any other step for hanging wall prints. While you may know the ideal space for hanging, it may not look appealing after its placement.

That’s why it’s best to work on the perfect place for your artwork. Both small and big rooms can confuse you with the wall print positioning. Thus, it’s best to decide the placement as per the interiors of the room.

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Also, the height of the artwork should be appropriate. The visitors should not find it hard to relish the wall print. It should be positioned to their eye level. Existing items could become a barrier midway, but there is always a way to combat the same.

For instance, you could make galleries of your photo prints in such scenarios with wall arts hanging in diverse heights. Apart from giving a great dimension to the wall, these arrangements look pretty promising.

#3 Measure the Surface Area

For the best fitting, you should measure the surface area of the wall. If you do not know the ideal way to do it, simply follow the steps below.

  • Decide a particular spot where you will place the wall print and mark it with a pencil. That’s the spot where you will place the nail.
  • For large artworks, you will require two nails. It’s done to balance the weight of the art piece. Ensure that the two points are equidistant from the center point.
  • Check the levels of the marking. Each of these points should be linear. 
  • Now, place a nail on the marked points and hammer them precisely. Once done, hang your wall prints.

#4 Additional Tips

Besides the correct way of hanging wall arts, you should know the tips for displaying them efficiently. Usually, the display differs as per the art style and type you have selected. Take a look at these tactics for a better idea.

  • Make sure the large individual art pieces are placed at the center at eye level. It should be around 1.5 m distant from the floor.
  • When making gallery walls, always start with the primary artwork first. It should be placed at eye level as well. Now, ensure that the distance between other wall arts is around 5 to 10 cm.

 Source: Elephantstock

  • For duals, hang the artworks as per the wall and space. You can select between portraits and landscapes. Lengthy and extended walls, for instance, are suitable for landscapes with a difference of 10 cm. A horizontal arrangement is efficient for hanging wall arts with different sizes.
  • We would also recommend you to play with the shapes, sizes, and structure of the wall prints. If any alignment satisfies your soul, go for it.

 Summing Up

To sum up, if you want an exquisite display, we recommend you select the right room, surface area, and position. You should also look for other hanging options if things do not seem desirable.

 Once you follow these tactics, there is no looking back! You will end up with a wall print that is displayed flawlessly. Now, go and relish your beautiful space while sipping a cup of coffee.




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