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How to build landing pages that have high conversions? Let’s ask experts!

Everybody needs to use landing pages. Landing pages are super important as they generate leads that are highly convertible and will turn from potential customers to loyal customers.

So to better understand what necessitates a landing page and makes it effective in the process of lead generation, we spoke to Aleph Website, a web design and development agency in New York. This is what they have answered us:

What are some great tips you can give us so make landing pages that are good?

There are many things that constitute a strong landing page. Each industry is unique, and each customer persona has different expectations and user behavior online. So, we cannot really point out a single method of landing page creation that will bolster your conversions. However, we do outline a few actions that you need to do in order to maximize your landing page conversion:

  1. Protect User Privacy
  2. Use Buttons and Checkboxes instead of Blank Spaces
  3. Add testimonials during the data collection process

More tips for landing page conversion optimization can be found here:

7 Powerful Landing Page Conversion Tips That Fill the Funnel

What are some great examples of how to build a landing page?

Industry leaders have mastered the art of high conversions on landing pages. Yes, it’s an art, because each page you create should always be better than the previous one and for that you need data, experience, creativity, and a bit of audacity to try to do things differently.

Some notable examples of landing pages that are very effective are landing pages created by:

  • Marketo
  • Slack
  • IBM
  • Deliveroo
  • AirBNB
  • Hootsuite, and others.

To view the actual landing pages, visit the following page:

6 Best Landing Page Examples to Learn From by Aleph Website

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