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How Playing Poker Can Improve Your Lifestyle


Despite how certain card games are often perceived by certain parts of society, they can offer many benefits to players. Poker is one such card game, as it is an easy to understand game that offers a lot of depth. Outside of the competitive aspect, human behavior expert Maria Konnikova also believes that the game features a number of positive lifestyle enhancers that you won’t find in more solitary pastimes. In this post we will explore how poker can be used to enhance your lifestyle.

Social interaction

This is one of the biggest benefits of poker, as it’s something that applies to all players regardless of their skill level. Whether you’re playing online or locally, you will always be meeting new poker players. Chatting with players before each hand and figuring their tells helps greatly with improving your social and communication skills.

Even if you’re not playing to make friends, working on how you communicate with others will help with nearly all aspect of life outside of poker as well. Most situations in your working life require you to interact with others in various ways, and any way to help with your social skills is a benefit in the long run.

Cognitive exercise

Playing poker can be considered an effective form of cognitive exercise, as it requires constant focus to maintain your cool and figure out your next moves. Games like Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training have attempted to use gaming to make cognitive training more fun, and poker does this for those who don’t like videogames.

Having to think about the way you’re playing, what others are doing, and the flow of each game keeps your mind sharp as you process new information. There isn’t an overwhelming number of variables, making poker a great way to have an active brain without making things too complicated.

Regularly playing poker will help improve your decision-making skills during each day, while also enhancing your working memory (sometimes known as short-term memory). Furthermore, as reported by WSJ.com, these benefits (and more) even apply to gamers of all ages.


Self-reflection is a big part of being a successful poker player, with Poker.org’s article on poker tips for reaching the next level, discussing how it is advantageous to go away and think about your hands. Could you have done better, or played differently? That is a form of self-analysis that can help in everyday life. Rather than blaming your luck in poker, taking the time to analyze the moves you make after a game will eventually lead to having a better mindset in general.

While taking the time to self-reflect will have an obvious benefit on the plays you make in the future, it also comes with a couple of other benefits. For starters, understanding the way you play means that you’ll be less likely to lose your cool at the table. Having a good “poker face” is vital for success at the higher levels, and can only be attained by those that have come to terms with their playing style.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding as to how poker can bring improvements to your everyday life. Make sure to check out the rest of our lifestyle articles here at Today General News if you’re after more ways to enhance your life.



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