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How Often Should You Have Pest Control

Let’s skip beating around the bush. Expert pest exterminators recommended quarterly or bi-monthly pest control treatments for apartments and homes to properly avoid common pests attack. Monthly treatments over the period of three to six months are recommended for more significant infestations.

How often should you pest control your home?

Regular visits by your local pest exterminators involve looking for changes or indicators of pest activity, inspecting traps, and putting preventive measures in place to limit the number of pests. Pest control specialists may evaluate your building or facility’s infrastructure and seek new pest risks with periodic visits, even if pests are not visible. Furthermore, regular visits assist to keep pest control expenditures down.

For residential structures, the general recommendation for quarterly pest control treatments, or every two to three months to effectively eliminate common pests when you move into a new house or apartment. For more severe infestations, monthly treatments over three to six months are recommended. Nonetheless, the suggested frequency varies from place to place and is affected by different factors including building size, weather conditions, location, time of year, and pest species.


More regular inspections may also be required for properties in densely forested areas or other pest-prone places, as pest threat is generally greater in these areas. If you are in this situation, periodic pest inspections are essential for the protection of your house and the avoidance of pests. These regions may be more vulnerable to termite infestations, and we may propose a variety of termite management treatments.

Your property’s age

If your property is prone to pests or if it is an older home, you may require more frequent pest control inspections. Once your property has been examined, the pest controller will go over his findings with you and offer any treatment or extermination alternatives that are available.

Inspection for termites

Termite inspections are frequently simple and consist of a visual evaluation of your house for evidence of live and active termite problems. Pest controllers not only look for structural damage, but also utilize a variety of efficient tools to determine whether or not termites are present, such as a moisture meter, a thermal imaging camera, and hearing equipment. This will determine whether termites are present or not.

Will Rain Wash Pest Control Away?

The above is one of the commonest questions people ask. They also frequently inquire about how long it takes to spray pest control and how long it takes for pest control spray to dry. Other times, people are anxious that impending rain storms would damage a pest control treatment.

Fortunately, rain has little effect on the goods we use outside of our homes. Indeed, treatments for ants and other pests often call for granular chemicals that require moisture to activate. As a result, rather than inhibiting pest control, rain might actively promote it.


From ants to termites to rats, and other pests, pest exterminators focus on prevention so you never have to worry about pest infestations in your home or office. Contact Pest management immediately if you want to keep pests out of your house or business.



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