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How jewellers in UK can focus on online sales in 2021

The Covid19 pandemic affected the economy and all businesses took a major hit. Since the lockdowns from 2020 prohibited people’s movement around the city and shops had to be shut down, business owners resorted to online means of making sales. Jewellers also followed the same path. If you also have been worried, then here are a few guidelines using which you can focus on online sales for your jewellery business in UK in this year to cover the losses and flourish more.

  • Professional photography and well-written descriptions

Invest in good photography. Images can make or break the deal in the world on online sales. Make sure the first impression that visitors on your page get is the best one possible. Splurge on a good photography agency to get all of your stock clicked professionally. The next important thing that goes along with the pictures is a good description. Give every jewellery piece a unique and intriguing title. Below the image give it a detailed description. The visitors shouldn’t have to wonder about what the piece is actually like. The picture and description should be sufficient.

  • Attractive and well-designed website

Get your website designed from a professional web designer. It has to look attractive and classy. Badly designed websites deter visitors from spending more time on them. Remember, that first and foremost, the website has to have a user-friendly interface. Moving about and exploring should be easy and the visitor shouldn’t be confused about the pages seen on the screen. Keep it simple, yet elegant. Do not make it too colourful or it will take the focus away from the jewellery images uploaded. Keep the colours subtle such as pale white, cream, etc.

  • Lower the delivery charges in the beginning

If your brand is new to online sales, then people are not going to be expecting heavy delivery charges. Since they might be used to purchasing it physically, a sudden rise in charges may discourage them from buying. To avoid this, keep the delivery charges minimum in the beginning. As and when the traffic on your site increases and visits turn into conversions, then you can begin levying more charge for delivery.

  • Promotion through social media

Make full use of online platforms to promote your business. Social media is the best means to achieve this goal. Use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Behance, etc.Put out pictures of your Lab grown diamond engagement rings on the social media pages and see the traffic increase substantially to your website. Although an online presence itself reaches out to people, you still have to put in efforts for it to happen. Promotion of your site is as important as the site itself. Creating a larger customer base globally is possible easily through social media.

  • Refresh and shuffle your stock frequently

Don’t let the site become stagnant. Keep making changes and upgrades. Refresh your stock frequently. If there is no new stock or designs, then shuffle the current one a little. Not too much, because then it becomes difficult for regular customers to spot something. But minor changes in the positioning and order of jewellery pieces or your Lab grown diamonds UK gives the website a fresh and refurbished look.

As a jeweller in the UK, you already have more leverage because of the huge market at Hatton Garden. Given this privilege, your online presence is only going to make it better for your business.



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