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How Good Is The Godrej AC? Is It Worth Buying?

The summer temperature has reached the highest level. You do not like to step out of the house to avoid the sun’s heat. However, to make the indoor air more comfortable and AC is the right solution. But, the Indian market has more than 20 brands. 

Still, one of the oldest names for electronics manufacturers is Godrej. Although it is a reliable brand, first-time buyers like to clear their doubts. Is Godrej AC the right choice for them? This brand has released different air conditioner models. A comprehensive review will let you understand the reliability of Godrej ACs.

Godrej air conditioning systems ensure faster cooling

Godrej has provided you with a modern inverter AC integrated with Artic Cool technology. It is capable of cooling your room within the shortest time. Within a few minutes, your Godrej air conditioner can take the indoor temperature down to 16°C. Another noticeable feature is the hurricane mode. In the case of the bigger indoor unit, you can find better air throw and better cooling.

Moreover, there is a pulse generator fan motor, which makes your fan speed stable. The fan speed is adjustable up to 4 levels- Hurricane, High, Medium, and Low. The Hurricane Mode provides more than 36% better air throw.

UDAT and IAT modes- For ensuing advanced air technology

Standard ACs have a 2-way swing blade for the dissemination of cool air in the room. However, premium Godrej ACs have 4-way air flow technologies. The cool air moves in different directions for thorough cooling in your room. UDAT and IAT are two modes available with Godrej air conditioning systems. Due to the IAT mode, the unit senses the indoor temperature automatically and adjusts the airflow. As a result, your skin will not feel dry. Another mode is User Defined Air Throw, enabling you to choose the airflow based on your preference.

Find high-quality inverter technology with Godrej air conditioners

Premium ACs from Godrej have inverter compressors outfitted with EEV and BLDC. The operating frequency range is high. The innovative inverter compressor system has made Godrej ACs different from other air conditioners.

This inverter technology works like the car accelerator. While the power is an essential compressor, it provides that power. The compressor always remains active. However, it does not draw a high amount of power.

Godrej ACs include 3 BLDC motors. While one motor works for the compressor, the remaining two are for outdoor and indoor units.

The cooling appliance works with low vibration. But, the rotational speed of BLDC motors is high. Due to the special design, you can operate the AC in a higher range of frequencies. There is a minimal fluctuation of the temperature level.

In a conventional air conditioner, you can find a thermostatic valve. However, premium Godrej AC models rely on the Electronic Expansion Valve. EEV helps in better control of the flow of refrigerants. It will increase the cooling efficiency. 

Nano coating applied on condenser and grid fan

Godrej ACs have a special aerodynamic grid-designed fan. This feature is effective for better and smoother heat exchange. The grid fan is made of premium quality materials and has high durability. Moreover, the indoor unit has a number of evaporator coils that make the cooling performance better. The AC constitutes a highly important component known as the condenser. Godrej ensures a better condenser design to increase the efficiency level of the cooling system. The latest AC models have a Parallel Flow Condenser design, which saves power. The most noticeable thing is the gold nano-coating to prevent corrosion issues with your AC.

Silver ion and catechin filters

You can buy Godrej split ACs designed with different protection filters. They protect your AC from harmful elements and debris. The specially designed catechin filters can remove ugly odors. Thus, your indoor air will be free from pet smell and smoke. The filters are capable of trapping microscopic bacteria that may cause respiratory problems. Moreover, the Godrej ACs have Auto clean technology to keep the cooling unit safe.

Analyzing the positive and negative sides of Godrej

One of the major reasons behind Godrej’s success is efficiency. Due to the integration of Green Balance Technology, the ACs do not consume much energy. Moreover, the Godrej AC uses highly eco-friendly refrigerant. The latest technology helps in reducing the emission and minimizing the ozone depletion. You can buy 6.15 ISEER Godrej ACs, as they are the most energy-efficient. The outer shell available with the latest Godrej air conditioner is impressive. Some models have a curved body with a white finish. Thus, for greener and better technologies, you can invest in Godrej ACs.

You can buy Godrej ACs from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. The air conditioner is available at a reasonable price.



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