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How elephant figurines can bring positive energy to your home

In Hindu mythology, elephant figurines hold great significance and value when placed in one’s home, they are often used as a perfect item for decorating homes. These figurines symbolize integrity, power, and strength, they hold great importance according to Feng Shui. Many people also use the paintings of elephants in order to bring positive energy to their homes.

There are specific ways to decorate your homes with elephant figurines and bring positive energy. Many people place the elephant figurines near the main entrance or front door of their offices or homes.

The best direction to place an elephant figurine is facing the north direction, as this can attract positive energies and thus can bring good luck. Here are some points regarding how to place the elephant figurines to bring positive energy to your home or office.

Tips to place elephant figurines properly to attract positive energy

  • Protect your home from negative energies

As the elephants are known as the guardians or protectors hence, you can easily place a pair of elephants by facing them in the outward direction and thus, you can easily protect your home or office from any negative or evil impact.

  • Bring luck to your study

Decorating your study with elephant figurines is a very good option and also considered very lucky. Placing the figurine on the study table is a good choice to bring in positive energy.

  • Welcome your good luck

You can also welcome your good luck by placing an elephant figurine or a pair of elephant figurines at the front door of your house. You can also choose to place a large figurine if the entrance of your house is wide. However, you have to remember to place those figurines by facing inwards to attract positive energy.

  • Strengthen your bond with your child

Placing two elephants of a baby and his mother in the parent’s bedroom can help in strengthening the bond between the parents and their child. You can also place this symbol of harmony in your family room to enjoy a harmonious life.

  • Improve the focus level of your child

By placing elephant figurines in the study table of your child, you can help a lot in strengthening their knowledge as well as improving their focus levels to a great extent. This will help them in scoring good marks in their academics.

  • Have a harmonious life

For enjoying a harmonious relationship as a loving couple, you can place a pair of elephant figurines in your bedroom. You can also use brass elephant figurines, as it can eliminate the differences between couples.

  • Bring positivity and growth to your career

You can also place an elephant figurine on the front door of your office room or workstation and bring positivity and growth to your career. This is really effective because an elephant often symbolizes power and wisdom that can bring energy to your career. You can also place brass elephant statues in your meeting room.

  • Bring balance into life

Elephant figurines are also good for bringing proper balance among all the important elements in your life.

Therefore, the elephant figurines can bring positive energy in many ways and also give a harmonious and peaceful life if placed properly.



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